data class IviDefaultsGroupConfig(    val groupName: String,     val category: IviDefaultsGroupConfig.Category,     val requiresOptIn: Boolean) : Serializable

Defines an IVI application defaults group and configures if the groups requires an opt-in to be used in an IVI application configuration.

A group can be applied to an IVI application configuration. By applying a group, this can configure frontends, menu items and service hosts of the IVI application. It can also configure the runtime deployment of the service hosts, broadcast receivers and Android services.



The name of the group. The group name must be formatted in camelCase and must have the Group suffix.


If false, the configuration associated to the group is applied to configure the IVI application configuration by default. If true, the configuration requires an explicit opt-in to be used.


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fun IviDefaultsGroupConfig(    groupName: String,     category: IviDefaultsGroupConfig.Category,     requiresOptIn: Boolean)


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enum Category : Enum<IviDefaultsGroupConfig.Category>

Group category.

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object Companion


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val category: IviDefaultsGroupConfig.Category
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val groupName: String
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val requiresOptIn: Boolean