sdk-search / / IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery


interface IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

ReverseGeocoderSearchQuery is an interface designed to transfer Search API parameters in a readable manner by implementing the Class: ReverseGeocoderSearchQueryBuilder. The ReverseGeocoderSearchQuery instance can be constructed using the associated ReverseGeocoderSearchQueryBuilder Class. Once constructed, the user cannot change the field values.



abstract fun withHeading(heading: Float!): IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

The directional heading of the vehicle in degrees while traveling along a segment of roadway. 0 is North, 90 is East, and so on. Values range from -360 to 360. The precision can include up to one decimal place.


abstract fun withLanguagePrefix(languagePrefix: String!): IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

The language in which search results should be returned. It should be one of the supported IETF language tags, case insensitive. When data in the specified language is not available for a specific field, the default language is used.


abstract fun withNumber(number: String!): IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

If a number is sent in along with the Request, the Response may include the side of the street (Left/Right) and also an offset position for that number.


abstract fun withRadius(radius: Int!): IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

If the radius is set, the results will be constrained to the defined area.


abstract fun withReturnRoadUse(returnRoadUse: Boolean!): IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

Enables the return of the road use array for reversegeocodes at street level.


abstract fun withReturnSpeedLimit(returnSpeedLimit: Boolean!): IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

Enables the return of the posted speedlimit (where available).


abstract fun withRoadUse(roadUse: String!): IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

Restricts reversegeocodes to a certain type of roaduse. The road use array for reversegeocodes can be one or more of: ["LimitedAccess", "Arterial", "Terminal", "Ramp", "Rotary", "LocalStreet"].



class ReverseGeocoderSearchQueryBuilder : IReverseGeocoderSearchQuery

The default builder for ReverseGeocoderSearchQuery objects.