sdk-search / / AutocompleteSearchQuery / <init>


AutocompleteSearchQuery(term: String!, language: String!, limit: Int!, position: LatLng!, radius: Int!, country: String!, resultTypes: MutableList<ResultType!>!)

The constructor for an Autocomplete Search query which enables you to make a more meaningful Search call by recognizing entities inside an input query and offering them as query terms.


term - String!: The searched term.

language - String!: Language in which autocomplete results should be returned. Should be one of the TomTom supported IETF language tags.

limit - Int!: The maximum number of autocomplete results that will be returned. Default value is 5, maximum value is 10

position - LatLng!: The position where results should be biased.

radius - Int!: A radius in meters.

country - String!: A comma-separated string of country codes (e.g., FR,ES). This will limit the autocomplete results to the specified countries.

resultTypes - MutableList<ResultType!>!: Restricts the result space based on their segment types (e.g., "category", "brand" or "category,brand"). A result is only included if at least one segment is of any of the indicated types.