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open class BasicCurrentLocationView : AppCompatImageView, CurrentLocationView, OnClickListener

Button that is used to center the map on the user's current location. When clicked, the map is centered on the current location that is obtained from a TomTom map using the TomtomMap#getCenterOfMap() method. When navigation mode is on, the behaviour is different. When the 'follow the chevron' option is turned on, the route overview is displayed. When the 'follow the chevron' option is turned off, this option is changed to on.


open class CurrentLocationClickAction : CurrentLocationViewAction

Class with listener to check if user clicked center on map component.


interface CurrentLocationView : MapComponentView, ClickableMapComponent

The current location view api.


interface CurrentLocationViewAction

To override behavior when clicking on the current location button implement interface.


interface CurrentLocationViewAdapter

The adapter for current location view that allows to provide custom params (e.g. Context) that will be used internally for selected operations (e.g. show error dialog).