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I am not getting any traffic incidents back when I make a Traffic Icons call.

The three commonest problems with Traffic Icons calls are:

  1. Using the incorrect projection value for your coordinates. This API defaults to EPSG900913, so if you are making requests with latitude and longitude, you must tell it explicitly.
  2. zoom parameter set to greater than 6. Traffic incidents are not returned for zoom levels 0 - 5. There would be too many incidents per call to do so.
  3. boundingBox is too large. There is an internal limit to the size of bounding box that can return any traffic incidents, for performance reasons. If your projection is right (and where you think it should be) and your zoom level is OK, try using a smaller bounding box to see if you get incidents that way.

If you have checked all three of these issues and are still not getting traffic incidents, post a sample call via Contact Us form and the TomTom Developer Relations team will investigate.