Here you'll find all the TomTom IndiGO platform early-access releases.

Download the TomTom IndiGO SDK

The latest TomTom IndiGO SDK can be downloaded from the TomTom IndiGO repository, using the credentials you received after signing the Evaluation Agreement. To request access, please go to the Getting Started guide, and click Register for early access.

The TomTom IndiGO SDK contains the code needed to start developing for the TomTom IndiGO platform. It contains the template application that show-cases all the off-the-shelf features of the IndiGO platform. It also contains a set of example applications demonstrating how to implement your own features with the TomTom IndiGO platform.

TomTom IndiGO binary artefacts

The template and example applications come with Gradle files to build them. The build process needs binary artefacts of the TomTom IndiGO platform, which are pulled from the TomTom binary artefact repository. This requires the same credentials that you used when downloading the SDK. For more details, see accessing-the-artifact-repository.

TomTom IndiGO SDK version number

The TomTom IndiGO SDK version number has the format x.y.zzzz-pppp, where x.y.zzzz refers to the TomTom IndiGO platform version and -pppp is the version of the template and example applications.

TomTom IndiGO SDK content

Once extracted, you will find the following files and directory:


The APK files contain the IndiGO Template Application and can be run directly on hardware or in an Android Automotive emulator. You can also opt to build your own APK from the sources directory.

The file in the sources folder contains information related to the structure of the application.

Recent releases

Release 1.0.4221-1956 - 30 Sep 2022, 09:05
Release 1.0.4213-1952 - 28 Sep 2022, 18:13
Release notes
  • Fixes paired phones briefly shown in discovery panel after being forgotten.
  • Fix the incorrect scrollbar handle dimension when switching between views.
  • Added clarification in documentation on how to call service methods from frontends in order to handle service unavailability.
Release 1.0.4192-1921 - 21 Sep 2022, 21:37
Release notes
  • The TomTom IndiGO SDK is now published on GitHub (follow the link above).
    The publication to Nexus is deprecated, but will remain for a few months.
Release 1.0.4173-1902 - 16 Sep 2022, 13:25
Release notes
  • Add static configuration key ignoredMediaBrowserPackageListConfigKey, of type string list.
    This lets customers hide unwanted media applications from the media app. To add a new exclusion, create an XML resource with:

    <string-array name="ignoredMediaBrowserPackageListConfigKey">
  • Added SourceDefinitionPolicy, a new media policy to define generic traits of a media source. The first of such traits is allowing to define whether a media source requires an internet connection or not.
    This allows, for example, to improve error reporting to the user when something goes wrong.
  • Add to media policy SourceDefinitionPolicy a string resolver to allow customizing the safety lock message when attempting to login to a media source while driving.
Release 1.0.4146-1883 - 13 Sep 2022, 12:49
Release 1.0.4144-1882 - 12 Sep 2022, 18:58
Release notes
  • Fix media playlist crash for Android 8.1.
  • Fix for showing an empty state view merged with contacts entries.
Release 1.0.4117-1864 - 08 Sep 2022, 11:10
Release notes
  • Fix issue where it was not possible to reply to an SMS message on some hardware platforms.
  • Fix issue where SMS message notifications were not being displayed on some hardware platforms.
  • Adds new `ttHeaderListItemViewLayout` view property to `TtListRecyclerView` which allows a custom list header layout to be specified.
Release 1.0.4116-1863 - 07 Sep 2022, 10:38
Release notes
  • VpaMediatorService has been extended with a new field, alerts, that contains all known VPA alerts, and with two functions:
    - removeAllAlerts() - which clears all active and pending alerts.
    - stopActiveAlerts() - which stops all the active alerts.
  • Fix for not showing information on progress panel about a phone call which is on hold.
  • These changes introduce a renaming for the ProcessPanel and the ProcessPanel template classes:
    Panel renaming:
    - ProcessPanelto MainProcessPanel
    Template classes renaming:
    - ProcessViewModelBase to CompactProcessViewModel
    - ProcessViewModel to MainCompactProcessViewModel
    - ProcessFragment to MainCompactProcessFragment
    - ProcessFragmentBase to CompactProcessFragment
    - TaskProcessFragment to TaskCompactProcessFragment
    - TaskProcessViewModel to TaskCompactProcessViewModel
    - ProcessBindingAdapters to CompactProcessBindingAdapters
    - ProcessControlList to CompactProcessControlList
    - ProcessControlViewModel to CompactProcessControlViewModel
    - ProcessMetadataViewModel to CompactProcessMetadataViewModel
  • Integration of the Alexa Auto SDK version 4.1.1.

    Starting from version 4.1.0, Alexa LVC (Local Voice Control) APK is deprecated in favor of a new library that can be directly used in the app.

    For more information on how to integrate Alexa please visit: []
Release 1.0.4103-1849 - 31 Aug 2022, 07:38
Release notes
  • Fix for showing the correct initial Bluetooth panel after forgetting all paired devices.
Release 1.0.4100-1847 - 30 Aug 2022, 09:08
Release notes
  • Fix for Android 12 Bluetooth devices getting stuck while pairing.
  • Extended messaging service API to include the source (e.g. the phone from where the messages were downloaded) of a conversation:
    - Added ConversationSource abstract class;
    - Added BluetoothDeviceConversationSource class;
    - Conversation is extended with a property of type ConversationSource;
    - ConversationCache::withUpdatedConversation() updates Conversation::source as well;
    - MessagingService::getOrCreateConversationId() includes the source parameter;
    - MessagingProviderHelper::findConversation() includes the source parameter;
    - MessagingProviderHelper::findOrCreateConversation() includes the source parameter;
Release 1.0.4085-1834 - 25 Aug 2022, 11:29
Release notes
  • Reattempt to pair a Bluetooth device after canceling the previous Bluetooth pairing request is fixed
Release 1.0.4081-1830 - 24 Aug 2022, 12:24
Release notes
  • Fixed for unpaired devices which where still being shown in the paired device list of the Bluetooth modal panel after the device was unpaired by using the forget functionality.
  • Fixed dismissing SMS notification after 10 seconds timeout when paired phone gets his Bluetooth connection disconnected and then reconnected.
  • Removed the function useDefaults for iviInstance and service within the ivi block in the build.gradle.kts. The more robust alternative applyGroups in combination with includeDefaultGroups should be used instead. In addition, within the applyGroups opt-in plugin groups can be added with include and default plugin groups can be removed with exclude.
  • Media API changes:
    - Add isExplicit field to IviMediaItem and corresponding withIsExplicit method to IviMediaItemBuilder.
    - Remove EXTRA_CONTENT_IS_EXPLICIT from MediaBundleExtras.

Older releases

See the release notes for older releases.