Configure the Media Plugins

The off-the-shelf media plugin comes with default configuration. This configuration provides a default behavior, such as showing a mini player when music is playing. This configuration is based on the configuration-framework. and can be changed if necessary. This guide explains this procedure.

If you want to configure the media frontend plugin for specific media sources, you can follow this guide: how to customize a media course.

Media plugin default configuration

The media plugin default configuration is defined as a resource file that contains configuration keys and their values. The following keys and values are defined in the media plugin:

2 <!-- Indicates if the media frontend has a mini player or not. By default it is set to true -->
3 <bool name="hasMiniPlayerConfigKey" optional="true">true</bool>

Change the media plugin configuration

The media plugin default configuration can be changed by adding a custom configuration resource file in your application, such as <module>/res/value/ttivi-media-configuration.xml.

media configuration

The custom configuration overrides the default values with the one provided.

Configure the mini player

When audio is playing, a mini player is shown on the home screen.

mini player

If you don't want to use the mini player provided with the off-the-shelf media plugin or you want to implement your own frontend plugin for the mini player, you can configure it by setting the hasMiniPlayerConfigKey to false:

<bool name="hasMiniPlayerConfigKey" optional="true">false</bool>