Getting the TomTom API Key (NavKit2)

This page is applicable only for TomTom IndiGO version 1.0.3880-1630 and earlier.

The TomTom IndiGO SDK uses TomTom's online Navigation services, for which an API key is required. An evaluation key with limited authorization can be acquired immediately. After signing TomTom's evaluation agreement, additional authorizations will be granted and you can experience the full functionality of the TomTom IndiGO SDK and Navigation.

Note: When you decide to store the TomTom API key in a repository, please make sure that it is not publicly accessible.

Note: When you do not intend to use the Navigation services, there is no need to set an API key. However, the build process fails when no API key has been configured. You can set a Gradle property that allows building without the API key, but then TomTom IndiGO will not show the map and cannot calculate a route. Locate the Gradle properties file, as explained in the Installing the API key section, and add the following line. You can then skip the rest of this page.


TomTom NavKit2 is the core technology that powers our complete navigation offering, including maps, connected services and user interface (UI). For more information, see the Navigation Engine product pages.

Registering as a TomTom Developer

  • Navigate to, click Register, and fill out the registration form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email; click Activate Account and go to your TomTom Developer dashboard.
  • The API key you get assigned should be used in the TomTom IndiGO SDK, but it must still be authorized by TomTom for the Navigation features used by TomTom IndiGO. See also section Evaluation agreement.

My first API key

Installing the API key

Now that you received your TomTom API key, it can be used with the TomTom IndiGO SDK. Add it to either the top-level file or your file.

  • The file can be created in the top-level folder of your local TomTom IndiGO SDK.
  • The file is located in the folder specified by the GRADLE_USER_HOME environment variable, usually ~/.gradle/. See Configure a TomTom API Key for details and alternative ways to configure the key.
    • Windows: Use the %UserProfile%\.gradle folder to find or create the file.

Add a line to have the Gradle property match your TomTom API key:


Using a configuration provider for the API key

Apart from specifying the API key as a Gradle property, it can also be set using the TomTom IndiGO configuration framework, as explained in Configure a TomTom API Key.

Evaluation agreement

The initial API key has restrictions on the functionality and the amount of requests you can do. To enjoy the full functionality, apply for an evaluation agreement with TomTom.

Note: You will not get a new API key, but TomTom will grant access to the navigation services for your API key.

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