Frequently Asked Questions (NavKit2)

This page is applicable only for TomTom IndiGO version 1.0.3880-1630 and earlier.

Table of content:

There is no map and/or search does not work

Network connection

When you start the application for the first time, you should see a map of the world as background to the application. If this is not there, it may mean that the device/emulator cannot connect to a network.

On the emulator, open the Settings and enable Wi-Fi. Then cold boot the emulator. See detailed instructions in The TomTom IndiGO emulator device under Enable wifi and Now restart the emulator.

For a real device, make sure that it has a working Internet connection.

TomTom API key

Another reason for this behavior may be that you have not configured a TomTom API key, or you are using an API key with limited authorizations.

For more details see Getting the TomTom API key.