Accessing TomTom IndiGO SDK Example Sources

The example sources that come with the TomTom IndiGO platform contain the source code that goes with the tutorials, to get you started with developing for TomTom IndiGO. The applications also allow you to verify your build environment by making sure Gradle can build a TomTom IndiGO example APK and install it on an emulator.

Note: When you decide to store (parts of) the SDK in a repository, please make sure that it is not publicly accessible.

The latest example sources for the TomTom IndiGO platform can be downloaded from GitHub:

Run the following command to clone the sources:

git clone

To see the latest version of the sources, check out the main branch:

git checkout main

The source is tagged for each release of the SDK. To see the sources of a specific version, run the following command:

git checkout tags/<sdk-version>

Next step: Accessing the Artifact Repository