Tutorials and Examples

This is a list of tutorials and how-to guides on topics that you may come across while developing for the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform. Each how-to guide explains step-by-step how you can extend TomTom Digital Cockpit.

Example applications

The example applications are provided as sample implementations. The applications allow you to verify your build environment by making sure Gradle can build this TomTom Digital Cockpit example APK and install it on an emulator. The applications also contain several examples on how to add functionality to your product. All the examples can be found under the examples/ directory.
Under the template/ directory you can find an empty example application. This only contains the default TomTom Digital Cockpit platform functionality, without any additional example source, which can be used as a base for your own product.

Check out the functionality of the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform in the walk-through of an example application, or get it yourself by following our getting started guide.

Additional functionality is described in the tutorials and how-to guides below.



  • Create a frontend plugin - This guide explains how to add a frontend with panels, how to link your frontend to a Fragment, and how to make a menu item for it.

  • Create an IVI service - This guide explains how to define the interface of your service, how to implement and deploy it, and how to use it from the client side.

  • Use an IVI Data Source - This guide explains how to use IviDataSource to handle some IVI service properties.

  • Configure debug tabs - This guide explains how to create a new tab for the debug menu, and how to customize the existing tabs.


Main Process Panel



App Launcher

Voice Personal Assistant (VPA)

  • Create a Custom VPA Adaptation Service - This guide explains how to add a custom VPA Adaptation service to support a 3rd party VPA.

  • Create a Custom Alexa Handler Service - This guide explains how to add a custom Alexa handler service that can be used to extend the set of stock Alexa platform message handlers offered by the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform.

  • Customize the Alexa Car Control Feature - This guide explains how to customize or replace the stock Alexa Car Control handler service offered by the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform.

  • Implement Alexa Preview Mode - This guide explains how to implement Alexa Preview Mode, a feature that allows access to a limited set of Alexa features without requiring a login with an Amazon account.


  • Use the configuration framework - This guide explains how to create static and dynamic configurations by using the configuration generator, and how to use these to customize the application.

Custom System UI


  • Localize strings - This guide explains how to localize strings, how to discover string resources used in your application, and how to get additional context information per string resource to facilitate translations.

  • Change Localization Settings This guide explains how to use the TomTom Digital Cockpit Localization Settings API to allow the user to choose their preferred localization settings. For example, it is possible to change the language in the Android system in order for it to be reflected in the cockpit app as well as in all third-party apps or to choose between displaying the time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format.