Getting a TomTom API Key

Please note that this is an optional step.

By default the TomTom Digital Cockpit SDK has limited navigation functionality. More advanced features like live traffic, long-distance EV routing and map updates are only available after configuring a valid API key.

You can skip this part if you are not interested in these features.

Only after signing TomTom's evaluation agreement authorizations will be granted to your API key and you can experience the full navigation functionality of the TomTom Digital Cockpit SDK.

Please follow the instructions below to obtain the API key and configure it in the SDK's build files.

Registering as a TomTom Developer

  • Navigate to, click Register, and fill out the registration form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email; click Activate Account and go to your TomTom Developer dashboard.
  • The API key you get assigned should be used in the TomTom Digital Cockpit SDK, but it must still be authorized by TomTom for the navigation features used by TomTom Digital Cockpit. See also section Evaluation agreement.

You will not get a new API key, but TomTom will grant access to the navigation services for your API key.

Configuring your API key

Now that you have received your fully-authorized TomTom API key, it can be used with the TomTom Digital Cockpit SDK. Add it to your file. The file is located in the folder specified by the GRADLE_USER_HOME environment variable, usually ~/.gradle/.

  • Windows: Use the %UserProfile%\.gradle folder to find or create the file.

Add a line to have the Gradle property match your TomTom API key:


Enabling the build-time configuration of the API key

Locate the Gradle properties file and set the value of disableAutomotiveUiApiKeyBuildTimeCheck to false:


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