Accessing the Map Data

TomTom Digital Cockpit uses an on-board map for its navigation features, but this map is not included in the SDK package or in the emulator image. You must download and install the map separately.

Downloading the map

Under the terms of the TomTom Digital Cockpit evaluation license a few demonstration maps are provided in the Artifact Repository. Click one of these links and download the map of your choice:

Each map consists of a tarball (.tar) with the map data and a keystore file (inside a .zip).

Installing the map

Make sure you have built the IVI Template App and you are running it in the TomTom Digital Cockpit emulator, if you are installing the on-board map on an emulator.

The on-board map and keystore file need to be installed for each application individually. In these instructions the target application is the IVI Template App, with the package name For one of the example apps, use the package name from that specific AndroidManifest.xml file.

Windows: The adb tool comes with the Android SDK, but is not automatically included in the PATH. You can find it in %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe.

To install a downloaded map on the emulator or on a real device:

  • Extract the keystore tarball, then push the keystore file:
1adb root
2adb shell mkdir /data/media/10/Android/data/
3adb push NK_AUTO_DEV.NKS /data/media/10/Android/data/
  • Extract the downloaded tarball with map data, then push it to the target device:
adb push my-directory-with-map-data /data/media/10/Android/data/
  • Restart the IVI Template App:
    • Swipe up from the bottom of the device's screen.
    • Click on the All apps menu icon (grid of nine squares).
    • Swipe up and select Settings.
    • Swipe up and select Apps & notifications.
    • Select Show all apps.
    • Swipe up and select IVI Template App.
    • Select Force stop on the top right of the screen, then click OK.
    • Click on the All apps menu icon (grid of nine squares).
    • Swipe up and restart the IVI Template App.

If the map and keystore file were succesfully installed, you will now see a blue chevron appear.

Setting the emulator location

The IVI Template App's navigation features only work if the emulator device's location is within the on-board map's region.

  • Change the device's location:
    • Click the three vertical dots in the top bar of the emulator screen. This opens the Extended Controls dialog.
    • Select Location from the menu.
    • In the Search bar, enter a location within the on-board map's region, then click Set Location and close the Extended Controls dialog.

The on-board map is now visible in the emulator, and navigation features operational.

Using other map regions

If you need a map for an area not included in these demo maps, please ask your TomTom representative.

Next steps

Congratulations, you now have an operational TomTom Digital Cockpit environment.

From here on, you have several options: