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What is Tabular Weather?

TomTom’s tabular weather service is focused on the provisioning of real-time weather information for drivers. It provides both the current weather conditions and a forecast over multiple time periods, and supports multiple (linked) geographical areas for the reports.

This weather information is provided as:

Daily Weather Information Hourly Weather Information
• Weather Description • Weather Description
• Max Temperature • Temperature
• Min Temperature • Wind Speed
• Wind Speed • Wind Direction
• Wind Direction • Precipitation Amount
• Precipitation Amount • Precipitation Probability
• Precipitation Probability • Sunshine Probability
• Sunshine Probability • UV Index
• UV Index • Perceived Temperature
• Thunderstorm Probability • Thunderstorm Probability
• Sunrise Time • Barometric Pressure
• Sunset Time • Relative Humidity

Note: The above parameters will be provided where available

Common use-cases you can implement

Navigation related:

  • Inform the driver of the weather condition at the destination location and/or selected locations.

  • Display the weather information for selected locations with icons that depict the real-time weather condition.

  • Weather information can be provided in a table and/or map format.

Data Analytics:

  • Detect the impact of weather conditions on travel time, events and incidents

  • Data enables to analyse probabilities of weather changes in near future – weather predictions

Feature List

The TomTom Tabular Weather service REST API provides bulk weather conditions information (current & forecasts) for displaying on your map view.