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Last edit: 2022.08.10

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Engine error while executing route request: STOPPED' mean?

Requests in the Routing API are forcefully canceled once they exceed some internal compute time limit (currently around 30 seconds) in order to avoid resource starvation scenarios. In this case, the Routing API returns the following error response:

2 "formatVersion": "0.0.12",
3 "detailedError": {
4 "message": "Engine error while executing route request: STOPPED: The request exceeded the internal compute time limit and was canceled. For more information, go to: https://developer.tomtom.com/routing-api/documentation/product-information/faq",
6 }

A request was canceled, or the response time is long. How can I reduce the response time?

The length of the resulting route for a route calculation, and respectively the resulting area for a reachable range calculation have the largest direct impact on the time it takes to compute them.

In addition most routing / range options have some impact on compute time.
The default options produce fast responses. Using non-default options typically increases the response time.

The following options have a big impact on the response time:

Common Routing Parameters:

  • any avoid options, in particular, motorways, tollRoads, and ferries
  • routeType options thrilling, shortest, and short
  • travelMode options pedestrian and bicycle
  • vehicleMaxSpeed less than 60

Calculate Route:

  • long distance between route planning locations
  • maxAlternatives greater than 0

Calculate Reachable Range:

  • large timeBudgetInSec or distanceBudgetInMeters
  • overly efficient vehicle models with a large ratio between fuelBudgetInLiters or energyBudgetInkWh and the respective consumption per distance

Long Distance EV Routing:

  • parameters that cause a long response time for routing mentioned above
  • vehicles that require a high number of charging stops, e.g., a very small battery or an extremely high consumption