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Release Notes



This TomTom Release Notes page records the following topics associated with a product release:

  • Release date
  • Version number
  • Additions
  • Improvements
  • Deprecations
  • Removals
  • Known issues

Release date: 2020.07.07 | version: 1.0

Road Event Reporter (RER) Enterprise API: The Road Event Reporter (RER) Enterprise API is a RESTful API designed for RER trusted partners. It contains the following service with endpoints:
  • Locations service: The Locations service consists of the following endpoints:
    • Locations: The Locations endpoint provides access to locations created by users from your organization.
    • Status by Id: The Status by Id endpoint provides Live Traffic Status for a selected location.
    • Status for all locations: The Status for all locations endpoint provides Live Traffic status for all locations created by users from your organization.

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