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Satellite Tiles

This endpoint will return Digital Globe satellite imagery.



GET <http|https>://<baseURL>/map/<versionNumber>/tile/satellite/main​/<z>/<x>/<y>.<ext>?key=<apiKey>

Communication through both HTTP and HTTPS is supported.


The table below describes all of the parameters that can be used in a request. Required parameters must be used or the call will fail. Optional parameters, which are highlighted with [square brackets], may be used. If there is a default value that will be assumed when an optional parameter is not used, it is shown in the table. The order of request parameters is not important.

Parameter Description Req'd? Type / Values Default value Max value
baseURL Base URL for calling the API. Yes
versionNumber Service version number. The current value is 1a. Yes 1a
apiKey Your TomTom API Key. Yes String
z Zoom value. Valid values are between 0 and 20, with 0 being the most zoomed out. Yes Integer 20
x Horizontal - or "Easting" - value. Relative to the top left point. Yes Integer
y Vertical - or "Northing" - value. Relative to the top left point. Yes Integer
ext Valid response formats are JPG and PNG. Yes String



The response will be an raster image (256x256) in the format specified in the request.