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Release Notes

Release Notes

New time condition option allowing to select overlapping trips

Software version: 21.18.1 Release date: 5 May 2021


  • New option for time condition available. Now it allows including trips which only overlaps with defined time range by any part.

Histograms without bucket limit

Software version: 21.16.1 Release date: 20 April 2021


  • Histograms officially available in API

  • Number of buckets storing data for histograms increased, and currently there is no upper limit:

    • duration histograms are stored in buckets of 5 min each

    • length histograms are stored in buckets of 1 km each

  • New endpoints allowing to download all histogram data as single csv file

  • Introducing type of analysis in API URI to allow extending types in the future

Software version: 19.44.0 Release date: 28 October 2019


  • Drafts: Save your progress to draft when creating analysis and continue later

  • Accept or reject analyses: Preview how many trips were analyzed before accepting the analysis.

  • Rename analysis and regions even after creating analysis.

  • See how many traces have been analyzed in real-time to see the progress of your report.

  • Introduced partial histogram results as BETA feature

Increase date range to cover whole 2018 year

Software version: 1.54.0 Release date: 22 March 2019


  • From now on we support last quarter of 2018 year

Increasing performance of API

Software version: 1.53.0 Release date: 14 March 2019


  • Updated documentation with hints, how to deal with huge results and examples

Increasing performance of API

Software version: 1.50.0 Release date: 21 January 2019


  • Limited number of date ranges to 4

Official product API release

Software version: 1.41.0 Release date: 1 October 2018


  • Official product release

  • Geojson support for region definition