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Contact Groups service


Service version: 1
Last edit: 2020.05.21


The Notifications API Contact Groups service provides the ability to manage contact groups.

It provides all information about contact groups that are used to send notifications to the addresses specified in them.

If you wish to stop receiving any notifications from the Notifications API services, please contact our Support and provide the address you wish to unsubscribe.

Notifications API Contact Groups service endpoints

The Notifications API Contact Groups service contains the following endpoints:

POST Create contact group

This endpoint creates a new contact group.

GET Get contact group details

This endpoint requests all details about a single contact group.

GET List contact groups for given key

This endpoint obtains a list of tuples representing the user's contact groups. Each tuple contains a single contact group's UUID and name.

PUT Edit contact group

This endpoint updates the contact group.

PATCH Edit contact group partially

This endpoint partially updates the contact group.

DELETE Delete contact group

This endpoint uses a command to delete a contact group.

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