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Yes, NavKit is integrated with the TomTom Traffic and Speed Camera services. The NavKit build in the SDK is configured to use a TomTom test environment, so you can develop and test traffic and speed camera functions for your application. To do this, you must request the necessary credentials from TomTom. Please contact your TomTom representative to gain access to these services.

It depends on the application you are developing. If you are implementing typical navigation use cases, then there is a good chance that Reflection will not be required.  You could use the Reference Reflection Context (RRC) instead of Reflection. RRC is a platform specific API wrapper that hides the complexity of Reflection. It is available for Android, Java and C++, and it will soon be available for iOS Objective C. RRC is not a managed API, in the sense that it may change at any time, and (new) NavKit features are not necessarily made available through RRC. Instead, RRC is provided in source code and serves as an example of how Reflection interfaces could be abstracted in a platform-specific way. If your application requires features that are not available through RRC, then you can extend RRC to adjust it to your needs.

For NavKit to correctly load the map, a device-specific map certificate must be installed on the device. You can obtain map certificates from your TomTom representative.

Reflection is a TomTom technology for asynchronous, peer-to-peer, remote process communication. Please refer to the Developer's Guide for more information about Reflection.

NavKit provides a rich set of Reflection APIs. The APIs offer wide-ranging functionality within NavKit, including route calculation, guidance instructions, search, map rendering, driving context information, and much more. The SDK contains a document called Interface Summary, that provides a brief overview of all available interfaces, and detailed specifications of each interface.<

NavKit is a portable navigation engine that runs on Android, iOS, Linux, QNX and Windows CE. The SDK comes with NavKit builds for Android, iOS and x86 Linux. If you require support for other platforms, contact your TomTom representative for more information.