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Why is the probability always the same on every weekday for a particular hour and road segment?

At the moment we accumulate data for all weekdays and for the weekend. In near future this might change and the probabilities for each individual weekday will be different.

Do you have a probability/search time for every hour of every day in the XML file?

Almost always, but in some rare occasions when have not enough data to even extrapolate meaningful probabilities there might be no probability/search time for a certain hour. Then also the corresponding element is not present in the XML.

What is OpenLR?

An open source project that allows dynamic georeferencing. For more info see here.

What is the peer in the connectivity layer?

All road segments are considered to be directed and a street usually consists of two road segments with opposite directions. These two segments are then peers of each other. They are linked by the peer field using the UUID.

Some cities I am looking for are not available, can you add them?

Feel free to request parking data for new cities, and we will consider them for addition.

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