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For Maps Raster API you should use the Copyrights API which returns copyrights information for the whole world or for specific area. For Maps Vector API you should follow information specified here.

Not all functionality offered in the Basic Map Tiles API is available from the Maps Tile API yet. For example, there are no overlays related to the traffic data. Maps Tile API is also incompatible with legacy APIs like Viewport or Initialize.

If you are interested only in using the map tiles rendering functionality and you do not need to combine it with other legacy APIs, contact an account manager for guidance on how to transition your usage. Otherwise, continue to use the Map Kit Basic Map Tiles API.

Production key holders will be given advance notice before the Map Kit Basic Map Tiles API is withdrawn from use, and assistance with the migration will be available.

The map update cycle takes time. Expect this time to become shorter and shorter as one of TomTom's goal are the real-time maps.

You can help to ensure that all the important changes to the road network are reflected in our systems by submitting community feedback reports at: Map Share™ Reporter.

Road network changes all the time and the map update cycle currently does not allow inclusion of temporary changes.

TomTom's Maps Raster includes API that provides pre-rendered map images at 18 zoom levels ranging from one global tile down to 40 square kilometer detailed map images. Each image is 256 x 256 or 512 x 512 pixels and corresponds with a position on an established zoom level grid system used by the WMS-C standard. Currently, three different layers (basic, hybrid and labels) in two styles (main and night) are supported. There is also support for WMS and WMTS operations.

NDS stands for Navigation Data Standard. It is a new industry standard format for map storage, designed for automotive-grade use. For more information see: NDS Association.

The MapKit APIs & SDKs are being deprecated in favor of new APIs & SDKs. Although existing licensed users of the MapKit can continue to do so in the short term, they will have to migrate to new TomTom services in the near future. This process will be supported with migration guides and assistance from TomTom. No new licenses will be issued for the MapKit APIs.

Note that because there is no new replacement for the Traffic APIs (Traffic Icons and Segment Flow Data), those will remain available on the Developer Portal under the name Traffic API.