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TomTom Navigation SDKs

TomTom Navigation SDKs feature Turn by Turn Navigation, offline maps in NDS standard format, an ADASISv2 compatible vehicle horizon, and precise traffic and speed camera alerts provided in the TPEG2 standard format. The Navigation Software uses Search API and Routing API for a responsive user experience based on up-to-date map data, with automatic fallback on the installed offline map.

Supported Operating Systems are Android, Linux, QNX and AGL.

What is NavApp SDK?

NavApp is the TomTom reference implementation of a fully functional Navigation Software application, using the NavKit navigation engine. The included TomTom user interface has been designed and improved with years of experience in Personal Navigation Devices, in-car IVI systems and Smartphone applications. NavApp SDK provides interfaces for software applications to interact with the TomTom Navigation application, such as for example using its search capabilities or setting a destination for the route calculation. Look and feel can be customized on request to match your brand design.

What is NavKit SDK?

NavKit is the TomTom navigation software engine without user interface. It enables development of custom navigation applications for in-dash systems and telematics applications. NavKit uses complex navigation algorithms and logic for advanced routing and guidance, intuitive destination entry, map matching and interactive 2D and 3D map visualizations. NavKit has full support for the industry-standard NDS map format. NDS enables highly flexible map configuration, both geographically and functionally. In addition, NDS enables incremental map updates. For ADAS purposes, NavKit can be extended with an ADASISv2 compliant vehicle horizon component.

NavKit is provided as an SDK that includes detailed API documentation and tutorials. Multiple product increments released per year provide new features and improvements.

Getting Started

Car manufacturers and suppliers to the car industry are kindly invited to contact their TomTom sales representative, or use the Request Access button on this page to get access to the Navigation SDKs.

  1. Click on the Request Access button (prerequisite for the following steps)
  2. Download the SDK
  3. Download your chosen map
  4. Read the Getting Started Guide and other relevant documentation.
  5. Develop your navigation application


Fastest Routes and most accurate ETA with the best in-class traffic information

Using historical, real-time and predictive traffic information, NavKit is constantly looking for the best possible route. It calculates the fastest, shortest, most economical routes, and bicycle or pedestrian routes. It also provides options to avoid highways, unpaved roads, HOV lanes, ferries and toll roads. Route calculation can be online for the fastest most relevant routes, with automatic fallback on offline calculation.

Turn by Turn Navigation Guidance

Detailed, on-time guidance instructions

NavKit provides comprehensive voice instructions, using recorded voices or Text-To-Speech (TTS), at the right moment enriched with a clear view of the road ahead. This is NavKit's Guidance promise. It provides real-time triggers for on-time voice instructions, lane information, advanced lane guidance for junctions, and more. The guidance functions can be also used on cluster displays and Head-up Displays (HUD).

User-friendly, advanced, free text search

Find addresses and points of interest (POIs) with advanced Free Text Search (FTS). The suggestions are provided while typing to offer quick and relevant results, including both addresses and POIs. The search area can be customized to a preferred radius, city, along a specific route or using the complete map.

Map Matching

Fast and accurate positioning on the map

Map matching is agnostic to the positioning technology used. It can use GPS, GLONASS, WiFi or cellular based positioning. Advanced algorithms provide tremendous positioning accuracy on the road network. Information from different sensors can be fused such as Gyro and Tacho. Sudden positioning jumps or glitches are filtered out. NavKit enables 3D positioning and provides position prediction.

Map Rendering

Stylish, interactive and customizable

NavKit enables 2D and 3D map visualization, which includes 3D buildings, landmarks, traffic incidents, speed cameras and POIs. The map render offers a fully interactive map that supports zooming, panning and selecting the different elements on the map. Map colors and textures can be customized.