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Release Notes


Release date:  6 March 2019
  • Added scenarios to the "Truck size and weight" example (see it here)
  • Added scenarios to the "Truck parameters" example (see it here)
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  7 January 2019
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  27 December 2018
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  11 December 2018
  • Added new examples presenting advanced features of both Reverse Geocoder and Cross Street Lookup services
  • Added support for vector traffic incidents tiles
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  27 November 2018
  • Improved CORS handling for large requests (> 100 items) to Batch Routing, Matrix Routing and Batch Search
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  13 November 2018
  • Updated the Reverse Geocode service with new parameters: heading, returnMatchType, allowFreeformNewline
  • Added support for geopolitical views to the Reverse Geocode service
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  29 October 2018
  • Added support for the geopolitical view parameter in the static map image service
  • Aligned list of supported geopolitical views for raster and vector maps
  • Added support for the language parameter in raster maps
  • Updated the geopolitical views example with new views and languages for raster maps
  • Updated the static map image example with more views and languages options
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  15 October 2018
  • Added a geopolitical view selector to multiple Search examples
  • Introduced a new example with scenarios showing how geopolitical views affect search results
  • Added a support for new languages in Online Search
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  1 October 2018
  • Provided support for a "geometriesZoom" parameter in Additional Data service
  • Provided support for a "minFuzzyLevel" parameter in Search service
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  18 September 2018
  • Started showing POIs polygons returned by Additional Data service
  • Provided support for POST parameters of Batch and Matrix Routing services
  • Added an example showing usage of POST parameters of Batch and Matrix Routing services
  • Added an example showing usage of Batch Reachable Range service
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  3 September 2018
  • Added an example showing traffic flow segments data
  • Enabled support for batch requests in the reachable range service
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  13 August 2018
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  7 August 2018
  • Increased a supported number of zoom levels for raster maps to 20
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  23 July 2018
  • Enabled 512x512 raster tiles for Retina displays
  • Added support for the Flow Segment Data service
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  3 July 2018
  • Added support for additional zoom levels for vector maps
  • Updated styles definition and assets for vector maps
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  8 June 2018
  • Added support for Batch Search service with an example
  • Improved the Matrix Routing example
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  25 May 2018
  • Improved the Batch Routing example by displaying more data
  • Enabled use of Batch & Matrix Routing under IE11/Edge browsers
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  14 May 2018
  • Added support for soft waypoints in the Routing service with an example
  • Added an example showing usage of the "max speed" option in the Routing service
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  27 April 2018
  • Added an example showing usage of the "vehicle heading" option in the Routing service
  • Added an example showing usage of the "compute best order" option in the Routing service
  • Added support for the "alternative type" option in the Routing service with an example
  • Increased number of vehicle-related options presented in the "Calculate reachable range" example
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  16 April 2018
  • Added support for vector traffic flow with updated example
  • Increased number of travel modes in the routing example
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  27 March 2018
  • Added support for the Additional Data service of the Online Search suite
  • Added an example with polygons visualization for geographies
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  21 March 2018
  • Enabled examples publication to CodePen
  • Added an example covering truck routing with load types parameters
  • Added an example covering truck routing with size and weight parameters
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  05 March 2018
  • Added a heatmap example
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  16 Febuary 2018
  • Added support for traffic sections in the routing service with an updated example
  • Added support for a time budget in the reachable range service with an updated example
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  6 Febuary 2018
  • Updated AJAX calls mechanism
  • Added support for managing geobias in search output parameters example
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  30 January 2018
  • Added support for collecting analytics data
  • Updated Leaflet version to 1.3.0
  • Added ability to turn on/off traffic layers (incidents and flow)
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  3 January 2018
  • Added support for new Online Routing parameters with examples
    • Supporting points
    • Section types
  • Created example for Along Route Search API
  • Bug & docs fixes


Release date:  12 December 2017
  • Switched default base map layer to vector tiles in most of the examples
  • Added support for new Online Routing parameters with examples
    • Avoid/allow vignettes
    • Avoid areas
    • Deviation constraints (min. deviation time and distance) for alternative routes
  • Introduced Along Route Search API


Release date:  24 November 2017
  • Geopolitical view for Israel
  • New example: Calculate Reachable Range
  • RTL plugin for Mapbox to display RTL texts correctly
  • Bug fixes


Release date:  13 November 2017
  • Added support for multiple geometries in geometry search
  • Improved API docs
  • Bug fixes


Release date:  27 October 2017
  • Added support for consumption parameters for routing
  • Improved API docs
  • Bug fixes


Release date:  16 October 2017
  • Added support for batch routing
  • Added support for matrix routing
  • Added geopolitical view support for raster tiles
  • Bug fixes


Release date:  2 October 2017
  • Added partial support for language parameter in traffic service
  • Bug fixes


Release date:  18 September 2017
  • Updated marker management mechanism with convenience methods for routing, search and reverse geocoding
  • Bug fixes


Release date:  31 August 2017
  • Improved support for Static Maps Images along with its example
  • Added support for geopolitical view in vector maps
  • Added improvements in traffic list and Getting and setting styles examples


Release date:  4 August 2017
  • Added support for Static Maps among with example
  • Created widgets for control panel, language and measurement selection
  • Improved distance measurement tool
  • Added support for language of vector maps


Release date:  25 July 2017
  • Added Traffic List example
  • Fixed Traffic Incidents and Traffic Flow examples


Release date:  14 July 2017
  • Introduced possibility to retrieve and set a Mapbox style definition for vector tiles
  • Added an example for customizing the map style
  • Added more cartographic labels in vector maps
  • Fixed problems with quick reloading the examples
  • Fixed TypeErrors appearing for some of the examples in the browser console


Release date:  26 June 2017
  • Added support for POI entry points with an example
  • Added distance measurement tool and its example
  • Added support for specifying global and per widget measurement unit settings
  • Created a results list widget and used in examples
  • Updated Mapbox GL JS version to 0.38.0
  • Fixed problems with markers on traffic service examples
  • Added more POI icons


Release date:  12 June 2017
  • Provided default POI icons for markers as a part of the SDK
    • Used POI icons in the Search & Geocode examples
  • Added a support for extended postal codes
    • Extended the "Search Output Parameters" example with a related input
  • Bugfixing
    • Disabled unwanted interactions with the map in the Minimap example


Release date: 26 May 2017
  • Added support for a 'viewport' property of Online Search results
  • Provided an example for Online Search Output parameters
  • Improved stability of vector maps on IE 11 and MS Edge browsers
  • Bugfixing - mainly issues related to Functional Examples styling


Release date: 12 May 2017
  • Provided an example for fractional zoom levels
  • Allowed opening all examples in separate pages (full screen)
  • Bugfixing - mainly issues related to Leaflet 1.0 and IE-family browsers


Release date: 18 April 2017
  • Fixed problem with vector map display


Release date: 13 April 2017
  • Updated Leaflet version to 1.0.3
  • Extended zoom levels scope for vector tiles (up to 20)
  • Added Minimap feature and its example
  • Pan and zoom controls are now included in the SDK


Release date: 17 March 2017
  • Handling of a lack of WebGL support in a browser introduced for vector tiles
  • Distance unit configuration added
  • Fixed a problem with the example: Routing with arrival/departure


Release date: 10 March 2017
  • Added support for vector maps with multiple styles and overlays (integration with the Mapbox library)
  • Created multiple new examples illustrating vector tiles usage
  • Included all service endpoints in a common configuration management
  • Added throttling of requests to the Search Box widget
  • Introduced minor documentation and examples improvements


Release date: 3 February 2017
  • Added more details on search results in the SearchBox widget and functional examples
  • Added a new example for advanced Geometry Search
  • Added more input fields to the Search and Geocode examples
  • Fixed styling problem causing the examples not being resized correctly
  • Fixed issues with scrolling in autocompleate suggestions and routing instructions on Mac OS
  • Improved a style of the documentation pages


Release date: 10 January 2017
  • Fixed special characters interpretation in the Search Box widget.


Release date: 28 December 2016
  • The language parameter support added to the Online Search services and related functional examples.
  • Redundant requests for a single keystroke removed in the Search Box widget.
  • Exclusion of the last character in a query fixed in the Search Box widget.
  • A search location is now releated to a viewport in the Geometry Search and Geocode functional examples.