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Routing with language parameter

Routing with language parameter

Allow your user to to get results in different languages so make your app international. The language parameter determines the language of the guidance messages. It does not affect proper nouns (the names of streets, plazas, etc.)

Sample use case: You are planning a journey and you want to have the list of instructions in different languages.

To request a route using language parameter:

TTRouteQuery *query = [[[[TTRouteQueryBuilder createWithDest:COORDINATE_BERLIN andOrig:COORDINATE_AMSTERDAM] withInstructionsType:TTOptionInstructionsTypeText] withLanguage:language]build];
@property (nonatomic, strong) NSArray<TTInstruction *> *instructions;
- (void)route:(UNUSED_PARAM TTRoute *)route completedWithResult:(TTRouteResult *)result {
    TTSummary *summary = result.routes.firstObject.summary;
    self.instructions = result.routes.firstObject.guidance.instructions;