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Route avoids

Route avoids

Allow your users to plan a route that avoids things like toll roads, motorways, ferries, unpaved roads, carpool lanes, and roads that they have already taken.

Sample use case: You plan a trip between the TomTom offices in Amsterdam and Oslo and you would like to check how much time you gain by taking a ferry and how much more time it will take to drive if you don’t that motorways so you can take the best route for you.

You can use parameters like:

  • tollRoads

  • motorways

  • ferries

  • unpavedRoads

  • carpools

  • alreadyUsedRoads

TTOptionTypeAvoid avoidType = TTOptionTypeAvoidNone;
        avoidType = TTOptionTypeAvoidMotorways;
_query = [[[[TTRouteQueryBuilder createWithDest:COORDINATE_OSLO andOrig:COORDINATE_AMSTERDAM]

[_routePlanner planRouteWithQuery:_query];

Route avoid motorways.


Route avoid toll roads.


Route avoid ferries.