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POI Category tree - search

POI Category tree - search

POI tree

Allow your users to easily search for appropriate category of Point of Interest. Points Of Interest are organized according to an hierarchical categorization scheme: Service Group (Package) - Feature Type (POI Feature Category) - Service Sub Category. Service Group is the highest category, Service Sub Category is the lowest (optional) category.

Service Groups or Packages provide a broad grouping in which all POIs (except Entry Point) fall. Package names are provided as the Service Group attribute.

All Label Features are in Service Group Label Features , City Centers are part of Service Group Government & Public Services. All Services are part of the other Service Groups.

POI Service Groups are further organized into POI Categories: Feature Type. POI Feature Categories are further organized into Service Sub Category. All POI that have Service Sub Category defined, have exactly one Service Sub Category. Other Service Sub Category will be stored as External Coding Scheme.

Sample use case: You use an app to search for a place if you want to visit specific POI destination but not have address or when you have not decided where to visit and want to browse destination by its categories.

Use the code snippet below in your app to get list of categories.


let query = TTPoiCategoriesQueryBuilder.create().build()
poiCategoriesService.request(with: query)
TTPoiCategoriesQuery *query = [[TTPoiCategoriesQueryBuilder create] build];
[_poiCategoriesService requestCategoriesWithQuery:query];



List of categories.