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POI Category tree

POI Category tree

POI tree

The POI Categories service endpoint provides the full list of POI categories and subcategories together with their translations and synonyms available in Search API, see POI Categories for more information.

Thanks to that list, you do not have to hardcode categories in your app, as they change dynamically. Once you have the POI category ID, you can use them as a filter (categorySet) in search quires.

Sample use case: You want to display a dynamic list of all available categories and subcategories that can be used for search combined with appropriate filters.

Use the code snippet below in your app to get list of categories.


let query = TTPoiCategoriesQueryBuilder.create().build()
poiCategoriesService.request(with: query)
TTPoiCategoriesQuery *query = [[TTPoiCategoriesQueryBuilder create] build];
[_poiCategoriesService requestCategoriesWithQuery:query];



List of categories.