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Map events

Map events

Implement any action you need to be triggered on one of the following map events:

  • Panning.

  • Single press.

  • Double press.

  • Long press.

To receive events you need to register id<TTMapViewDelegate> on map

Sample use case: In your app, users invoke one behavior with a single press and another with a long press.

Use the code snippets below in your app to catch map events. In this example, the action is simply to display a toast with latitude and longitude on each map event. Of course, you can implement other cool features instead.

- (void)mapView:(TTMapView *)mapView didPanning:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)coordinate {


- (void)mapView:(nonnull TTMapView *)mapView didDoubleTap:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)coordinate {


- (void)mapView:(nonnull TTMapView *)mapView didLongPress:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)coordinate {


In this example you will see a Toast with latitude and longitude of a point that was clicked on the map, but you can utilize these information in your own manner.


Receive callbacks after the map panning


Receive callbacks after the map panning


Receive callbacks after the map panning


Enable and disable gestures

You can disable gestures such as zooming, scrolling and rotating in your application by setting up an integer mask on properties like below:

Disable zooming gesture

self.mapView.disableGesturesMask = TTOptionGesturesDisableZoom;

Disable the rotating gesture

self.mapView.disableGesturesMask = TTOptionGesturesDisableRotate;

Disable the scrolling gesture

self.mapView.disableGesturesMask = TTOptionGesturesDisableScroll;

  You can turn off more than one gesture by setting up the mask on properties like below:

// Disable scrolling and zooming gestures
self.mapView.disableGesturesMask = TTOptionGesturesDisableScroll | TTOptionGesturesDisableZoom;

If you want to enable gestures, setup the integer mask on a property like below:

self.mapView.disableGesturesMask = TTOptionGesturesDisableNone;