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TTTrafficFlow and TTTrafficIncidents classes encapsulate a connection bridge to TomTom Traffic API service.

Call the flowSegmentDataWithQuery method to perform a flow segment. The call uses the TTFlowSegmentDataQuery parameter from the TTTrafficFlow class.
Use the builder design pattern to simplify construction of the TTFlowSegmentDataQuery.

The API reference contains a detailed specification of the search objects and options.
It also includes a number of functional examples to illustrate different uses cases.

This works analogically for both traffic services. An example query and corresponding callback for Traffic Incident Details service is as follows:


let bounds = TTLatLngBoundsMake(TTCoordinate.LONDON_TOP_LEFT(), TTCoordinate.LONDON_BOTTOM_RIGHT())
let query = TTIncidentDetailsQueryBuilder.create(with: .S1, withBoundingBox: bounds, withZoom: 12, withTrafficModelID: "-1")
TTLatLngBounds bounds = TTLatLngBoundsMake([TTCoordinate LONDON_TOP_LEFT], [TTCoordinate LONDON_BOTTOM_RIGHT]);
TTIncidentDetailsQuery *query = [[TTIncidentDetailsQueryBuilder createWithStyle:TTTrafficIncidentStyleTypeS1 withBoundingBox:bounds withZoom:12 withTrafficModelID:@"-1"] build];


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