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TTL2Search class encapsulates a connection bridge to TomTom Online Search service.

TTSearch *search = [[TTSearch alloc] init];


Call the searchWithQuery method to perform a search. The call uses the TTL2SearchQuery parameter from the TTL2Search class. Use the builder design pattern to simplify construction of the TTL2SearchQuery.

The API reference contains a detailed specification of the search objects and options. It also includes a number of functional examples to illustrate different uses cases.

Search result delegate

Every search request requires a TTL2SearchDelegate object. The object calls one of two methods asynchronously when the search result is ready:

  1. If the search query is successful, the first method returns an array of search results.

  2. If the query fails, the second method returns an error code and an error message.

-(void)search:(TTSearch *)search
completedWithResponse:(TTSearchResponse *)response {
    self.items = response.results;
    [self.tableView reloadData];

failedWithError:(TTResponseError *)error {
    self.items = @[[error.userInfo objectForKey:@"description"]];
    [self.tableView reloadData];