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Release Notes


Release date:  4 March 2021


  • [FIX] Crash when using OnlineTrafficApi to obtain Traffic Incident Details


Release date:  26 February 2021


  • [FEATURE] Progress along the route
  • [FEATURE] Traffic along the route


Release date:  3 February 2021


  • Copyrights date updated


  • [FEATURE] Added a method to remove a single route "removeRoute(long Id)"
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Removed deprecated methods for map centering "centerOn()"


Release date:  19 January 2021


  • Documentation update: Instruction for building APK for one architecture


  • [FEATURE] Public API for showing traffic along the route including the following "methods showTrafficOnRoute", "hideTrafficFromRoute"
  • [FEATURE] New example "Zooming the route" showing how to implement zoom that is depended on the speed of the moving chevron
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Traffic icons improvements: Display of icons of category "Unknown" corrected, Anchor points of all the traffic icons moved from the center to the bottom of the icon
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Documentation updates: Improved description in "Map initialisation" section, Code snippet added for "Multiple maps" examples, Code snippet updated in "Follow the chevron" examples, "Map matching" and "Follow the chevron" examples updated so that the chevron is placed at the bottom of the screen
  • [FIX] Crash in "Map layer filtering" example
  • [FIX] Removed unwanted map's action during onPause which could lead to crash


  • [FEATURE] "Long Distance EV Routing" example updated with different values of parameters


Release date:  15 December 2020


  • [FEATURE] Public API for Snapshotter and a new example "Map snapshot image"
  • [FIX] Crash when location update listeners were modified concurrently
  • [FIX]  Added missing documentation for various builder classes
  • [FIX] The problem when a balloon pop up does not close when new marker is created


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Deprecated "Detour" parameter from "IncidentIconCategory" method


Release date:  25 November 2020


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Map manipulation anchor point aligned with the chevron position while map tracking is active
  • [FIX] The behaviour of the "selectAnnotation" method in relation to clicking on decal markers fixed
  • [FIX] The problem when a balloon pop up does not close when markers get clustered fixed


  • [FIX] Map location is updated correctly when the chevron is tracked


  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Adjustments to the "Long Distance EV Routing" example for more accurate route calculation: updated parameters for the charging, 2 new facility types added
  •  [FIX] "sections" field in the routing response changed from obligatory to optional


Release date:  13 November 2020


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Properties xIconOffset and yIconOffset in the MarkerAnchor class deprecated and replaced with the new function getIconOffset()
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Introducing validation for longitude and latitude ranges in LatLng object to avoid crash when inputing out of range values for lat & lon
  • [FIX] Show Chevron (instead of GpsIndicator) in the Chevron tracking mode after unlocking the screen on your device
  • [FIX] Decal marker instance not returned when clicked while map is rotated


Release date:  4 November 2020


  • [FEATURE] Public API for POI layers and a new example "POI layers visibility"
  • [FIX] Clearing callbacks for mapChangedListener to avoid them stacking up


  • The content of Terms & Conditions of the license agreement has been updated


Release date:  28 October 2020


  • [DOCUMENTATION] JavaDocs for Map extensions
  • [FIX] Too sensitive gesture detected as a double-tap before the drag started - changing the tolerance for gestures for zooming
  • [FIX] RAM allocation to native code increases while navigating between mapFragments (nested fragment scenario)
  • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


  • [FIX] Changing Default values of RouteDescriptor parameters: avoidVignettes and allowVignettes


Release date:  29 September 2020


  • [FEATURE] A new example for "POI details and photos"


  • [FEATURE] A new method "setChevronScreenPosition" enabling to place the chevron at a specific position on the screen
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Updated example "Follow the chevron" placing the chevron at the bottom of  the screen


Release date:  14 September 2020


  • [FEATURE]Public API for Search POI Photos endpoint


  • [FIX] Behaviour of CompassView fixed in "Map events" and "Map UI Extensions" examples in Maps SDK Examples app


Release date:  7 September 2020


  • [FEATURE] New example for custom map banner (multiple balloons)
  • [FIX] Fix for proper usage of Proguard rule


  • [FEATURE]Public API for Search POI Details enabling to retrieve information about current rating, price range, reviews and social media details


Release date:  18 August 2020


  • [FIX] Wrong sizes of the chevron, beginning and the end of the route icons on the map shown on the following devices LG-D855 (Android 6.0), Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 7.0)
  • [FIX] Crash occurring when implementing a basic map view activity using “” together with scene transition animation “ActivityOptions.makeSceneTransitionAnimation”
  • [FIX] Calling onMapClick when double-clicking fixed - gesture detection adjusted so that when a user a does double-click, only the double-click event is sent to listeners


  • [FEATURE] Public API for EV Charging Stations availability and a new example


Release date:  10 August 2020


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Stability improvement


Release date:  5 August 2020


  • [FEATURE] Adding new callback OnMapCenteredCallbac for reporting when a camera centering is finished or canceled
  • [FEATURE] Adding new callbacks to receive information about the camera transitions:
    • OnCameraMoveStartedListener, called when the camera transition started
    • OnCameraMoveListener, called when the camera transition is in progress
    • OnCameraMoveFinishedListener, called when the camera transition finished and the camera became idle
    • OnCameraMoveCanceledListener, called when the camera transition was canceled
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Deprecating callback onMapViewPortChanged and replacing it with OnCameraChangedListener


Release date:  21 July 2020


  • [IMPROVEMENT] GPS indicator icon change - adding a spout
  • [FIX] Java-based Sample App crashed due to missing Runtime Permissions


  • [FEATURE] Public API for Long Distance EV Routing  and a new example
    • RouteQuery object has been deprecated
    • New classes have been introduced: RouteSpecification, RouteCalculationDescriptor, RouteDescriptor, RoutePlan


  • [FIX] Geofencing report example stopped working after API key was changed due to API key being connected with the Project ID


Release date:  25 June 2020


  • [FEATURE] Switching  key initialization from AndroidManifest.xml to a static initialization via constructor
  • [FEATURE] API reference created for Static Image
  • [FEATURE] Give ability to turn on/off Chevron inaccuracy radius


  • [FIX] GPS Indicator is not hidden when Chevron is being tracked


Release date:  11 June 2020


  • [FEATURE] Hosted map and traffic display resources (styles and sprites)

Starting with version 2.4.537, we are switching bundled-in styles and sprite, to using TomTom hosted styles and sprites. More information about the new approach is available in Map Initialization. Thanks to integration with Merged Style method provided by Map Display API you can generate and use one style for map and traffic display. The main benefits of TomTom hosted display resources are as following: - It makes application download size​ MB smaller in comparison to using bundled-in resources. - It allows you to get the newest look and feel of the map and traffic.Maps SDK will work with the bundled-in style until June 2021 but we recommend to switch to using hosted assets sooner. The information how to do that is available in the Migration Guide

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adjusted examples "Map tiles" and "Traffic layers"  - presenting functionality of hosting resources


Release date:  10 June 2020


  • [FEATURE] New example "Map initialization" - presenting functionality of starting point and bounding box set up on a map
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Callback deprecation and implementation
    • "onCameraWillChange()" - deprecated
    • "onCameraIsChanging()" - deprecated,
    • "onCameraDidChange()" - deprecated,
    • "onMapViewPortChanged()" - deprecated,
    • "onMapDoubleClick()" -  added, triggered when the user performs a double-click action on the map>
    • "onMapRotate(float angle)" -  added, triggered when the user rotates the map>
  • [FIX] Wrong behavior with CenterOnGeometry viewport transform fixed by passing the correct map size while map creation
  • [IMPROVEMENT]  Improved usage of API responsible for adding new layer: source or image was added to the style and it's methods were called directly without obtaining a new reference


  • [FIX] "roadNumbers" Implement a fix so value is returned from the server instead of null


Release date:  25 May 2020


  • [FEATURE] Implementing the method centerOn(CameraFocusArea, AnimationDuration) for centering the map on a specific area


  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search extended with new parameters - opening hours, timezone, mapcode, CategorySet
  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search "Opening Hours" new example
  • [FEATURE] Public API for Search "Autocomplete" + new example "Autocomplete"


  • [FEATURE] Add parameters from routing for:
    • "Common routing" query parameters: vehicleAdrTunnelRestrictionCode
    • "Reachable Range" query parameters: distanceBudgetInMeters
    • "Calculate Route" response fields:
      • "Instruction": exitNumber
      • "Section": countryCode


Release date:  16 April 2020


  • [FEATURE] Option to configure map padding when initializing map added


  • [FEATURE] POI category tree Public API + Maps SDK Example


Release date:  1 April 2020


  • [FEATURE] GPS indicator color can be stylled in object-oriented way
  • [FIX] Pop up menu crashes when clicking "my location" button
  • [FIX] Removing null pointer exception  while calling if user location is in map bounding box


Release date:  23 March 2020


  • [FIX] App freeze at Chevron.setLocation()


Release date:  28 Feburary 2020


  • [FIX] Obfuscation of Public API adjusted
  • [FIX] Stability improvement when application is run on x86-64 architecture


Release date:  19 Feburary 2020


  • [FEATURE] Possibility to set initial camera position on a map (lat/lon, zoom level, bearing, pitch)
  • [FEATURE] Possibility to set initial bounding box on a map
  • [FEATURE] New callback related to map panning added


  • [FEATURE] Speed limit field added to RevGeo response


Release date:  12 Feburary 2020


  • [FEATURE] Stability improvements
  • [FEATURE] Documentation update


Release date:  27 January 2020


  • [FEATURE] Stability improvement


Release date:  22 January 2020


  • [FIX] Defined units how to provide panning in documentation - pixels
  • [FIX] Slow sliding the map not triggering CameralsChanging callback
  • [FEATURE] setBearing method exposed in public API
  • [FIX] Complete list of removed methods:
    • MapCallbackExtension.setOnMapChangedListener(TomtomMapCallback.OnMapChangedListener onMapChangedListener);
    • UiSettings.turnOnVectorTrafficFlowTiles();
    • UiSettings.turnOnRasterTrafficFlowTiles();
    • UiSettings.turnOnVectorTrafficFlowTiles(VectorTrafficFlowType trafficFlowTilesStyle);
    • UiSettings.turnOnRasterTrafficFlowTiles(RasterTrafficFlowType trafficFlowTilesStyle);
    • UiSettings.turnOffTrafficFlowTiles();
    • UiSettings.turnOnVectorTrafficIncidents();
    • UiSettings.turnOnRasterTrafficIncidents();
    • UiSettings.turnOffTrafficIncidents();
    • UiSettings.turnOffTraffic();
    • UiSettings.isTrafficFlowEnabled();
    • UiSettings.isTrafficVectorFlowEnabled();
    • UiSettings.isTrafficRasterFlowEnabled();
    • UiSettings.isTrafficIncidentsEnabled();
    • UiSettings.getTrafficVectorFlowStyle();
    • UiSettings.getTrafficRasterFlowStyle();


[FIX] Complete list of removed methods:
  • Summary.getDepartureTime();
  • Summary.getArrivalTime();
  • GpsIndicator.setLocation(LatLng latLng, double bearingInDegrees, double accuracyInMeters);


Release date:  8 January 2020


  • [FIX] Removing pop-up menu crash when clicking "my location" button


    Release date:  19th December 2019

    MAP -

    • [FIX] Map rebounding while swiping fast on the map on zoom level 0
    • [FIX] LocationUpdateListener was not called after activity resume


      Release date:  3rd December 2019

      MAP -

      • [FIX] Crash on emulator when network provider is not available

      ROUTING -

      • [FIX] Selected Itinerary was not centered on the map


        Release date:  21st November 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Implement the ability to move TomTom logo
        • [FIX] Crash after changing marker balloon adapter


        Release date:  30th October 2019

        MAP -

        • [FIX] Default date in copyrights changed from "2018" to "2019"
        • [FIX] Remove crash when app is destroyed by the system


        Release date:  14th October 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  10th October 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Option to change background color at map initialization added
        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  8th October 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Support for 2.5D buildings in vector tiles added
        • [FEATURE] New example: Map with building heights - to show building heights in 2.5D
        • [FIX] Zoom in and zoom out horizontally doesn't work


        Release date:  23th September 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Support "properties" field in the GeoJSON object


        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  18th September 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] New example "Map layers filtering" - to filter map layers in runtime 
        • [FEATURE] Support for basic expressions added (e.g. all, any, comparison)
        • [FIX] Map bounding bounds overridden when enabling map panning fixed


        Release date:  4th September 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Method to load a new map style from a string added 
        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  9th August 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] New example "Get style Features" - to retrieve all visible style features in a viewport 
        • [FEATURE] New example "Image Clustering" - to show how to set image clustering using the style
        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  6th August 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements
        • [FIX] Fix for GeoJSON object serialization/deserialization


        Release date:  24th July 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Interactive layers - retrieve feature collection from style layers


        Release date:  18th July 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Decrease of sdk-maps module size
        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  5th July 2019

        Release of new Maps SDK Examples app in Kotlin!

        • New design, look and feel of examples in the app. 
        • Available on GitHub:
          • Kotlin: "sampleapp-ktx"
          • Java: "sampleapp"
        • Almost all code snippets available in Kotlin and Java

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Route style API extended with DashDescriptor to create dotted/dashed line
        • [FEATURE] Change the image of an existing annotation
        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  17th June 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  31st May 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Methods to add, remove style sources in runtime
        • [FEATURE] Methods to add, remove, set visibility of style layers in runtime
        • [FEATURE] Change the z-order of style layers runtime
        • [FEATURE] New examples "Map layers visibility", "Dynamic map sources", "Dynamic layer ordering"
        • [FEATURE] New style showing z-levels on crossings
        • [FEATURE] Map Driving Extension moved to a separate section:
        • [FEATURE] Code snippets are available in Kotlin (in addition to Java) 
        • [FEATURE] API Reference available as zip packages


        Release date:  9th May 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  17th April 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Stability improvements


        Release date:  28th March 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Update documentation: "Map Layers", "Default style", "Custom style" sections
        • [FEATURE] Option to enable events intercepting added
        • [FIX] Compass not showing north after switching from other example
        • [FIX] Missing labels added to the night style - visible in "Custom style" and "Multiple maps" examples

        GEOFENCING -

        • [FIX] Memory leak after multiple screen orientation changes


        Release date:  19 Feburary 2019

        SEARCH -

        • [FEATURE] Support for geometries in Reverse Geocoding by new input filed "entityType" and output filed "Id" that can be used in Additional Data for getting the geometries.

                  New example "Polygons for rev geo"

        GEOFENCING -


        • [IMPROVEMENT] Improvements to matcher interpolator


        Release date:  7 Feburary 2019

        Alignment in the numbering of releases and artifact versions in the maven repository

        • The new configuration is described in the section "Modify build.gradle (app/build.gradle)" in the documentation:
        • Please make sure that your configuration for all modules is adjusted to use 2.3.+ , for instance:
          • implementation("") -> implementation("")

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] New example: "Multiple maps"


        Release date:  22 January 2019

        MAP -

        • [FIX] Handling multiple map activities 



        Release date:  16 January 2019

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Vector traffic incident details support added
        • [FEATURE] Traffic popups support for traffic incidents and traffic flow added in "Vector map and traffic" example

        ROUTING -

        • [FIX] Timezone parsing fixed


        Release date:  12 December 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Option to invert TomTom logo added
        • [FEATURE] Option do dump logs to file added


        Release date:  20 November 2018

        MAP -

        • [FIX] Active route is not displayed properly
        • [FIX] GPS is not active when app is restored from background

        ROUTING -

        • [FEATURE] Reachable range available within Batch routing service - New example: "Batch with reachable range"
        • [FEATURE] New example: "Avoid vignettes and areas"

        Release date:  23 October 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Option to customize route added - new Example: "Route customization"
        • [FEATURE] Option to disable tilt gesture added
        • [FEATURE] Option to modify the default behavior of the current location icon added (e.g. possibility to hide radius)
        • [FIX] Map tap not called when markers are clicked
        • [FIX] Map tiles are not always loading

        ROUTING -

        • [FIX] Arrive at parameter is not working


        Release date:  19 September 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] New example: 'Chevron tracking' added
        • [FEATURE] Support for custom chevrons added


        Release date:  28 August 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] New example: "Advanced markers" added showing draggable markers and GiF images as markers


        Release date:  22 August 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] TomTom logo displayed on top of the map
        • [FEATURE] GIF images can be used as marker icons


        Release date:  08 August 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Draggable markers feature added, "Markers" examples updated
        • [FIX] Cached map tiles are not removed at the sdk launch

        MAP Styles Extensions -

        • [FEATURE] New module that contains offline styles added


        Release date:  25 July 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Map style optimized to the smaller footprint (e.g. fewer sprites and glyphics in the new style)

        ROUTING -

        • [FEATURE] Matrix routing service integrated - New example: “Matrix routing”
        • [FEATURE] Batch routing service integrated - New example: “Batch routing”


        Release date:  04 July 2018

        TRAFFIC -

        • [FEATURE] Online Traffic Flow Segment Data and Incidents Details integrated as a new module.
        • [FEATURE] New example: Traffic incident list added. 

        MAP -

        • [FIX] Support marker serialization
        • [FIX] Current location icon 

        SEARCH -

        • [FEATURE] New example: Batch search added


        Release date:  17 June 2018

        MAP -

        • [FIX] Current location icon shown properly when the app comes back from the background   


        Release date:  13 June 2018

        SEARCH -

        • [FEATURE] Batch search service integrated   

        MAP UI Extensions -

        • [FEATURE] Limiting panning and zooming within a specified bounding box


        • [FEATURE] Static map image service integrated as a new module in Map extensions


        Release date:  30 May 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] New example: Map UI extensions added
        • [IMPROVEMENT] Screen judder when swipe and zoom removed   

        SEARCH -

        • [FEATURE] Additional Data Provider supported in Maps SDK, example added to Maps SDK Examples app


        Release date:  14 May 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Pan and zoom buttons added

        MAP UI Extensions - sdk-maps-ui-extensions:2.+@aar

        • [FEATURE] New module for UI controls for the map (e.g. compass, current location, zoom and panning controls)

        MAP ReactX Extensions -

        • [FEATURE] New module that allows developing reactive components using TomtomMap

        MAP Kotlin Extensions -

        • [FEATURE] New module for development in Kotlin


        Release date:  08 May 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Markers clustering features available in public API (enable/disable clustering, defining the radius and max zoom for clusters)  - New example: "Markers clustering"
        • [IMPROVEMENT] Vector traffic flow - support for all types: absolute, relative, relative-delay 

        • [IMPROVEMENT] Raster traffic flow - support for all types: absolute, relative, relative-delay and reduced-sensitivity 

        ROUTING -

        • [FEATURE] Reachable range service integrated - New example: "Reachable range"


        Release date:  17 April 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Vector traffic flow tiles support - New examples: “Vector map and traffic” and “Raster map and traffic”
        • [IMPROVEMENT] OnClickMap listeners API.
        • [IMPROVEMENT] Route overview on screen rotation.

        SEARCH -

        • [IMPROVEMENT] Error handling.

        ROUTING -

        • [FEATURE] New service fields supported e.g. minDeviationDistance, minDeviationTime - New example: "Supporting points".
        • [FEATURE] Consumption model parameters available - New example: "Consumption model".
        • [IMPROVEMENT] RouteBuilder API.        


        Release date:  04 April 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Map customisation - support for using custom map styles, example “Custom styles” added to Maps SDK Examples app.

        SEARCH -

        • [FEATURE] New fields (e.g. entry points, extendedPostalCodesFor) of Online Fuzzy search supported in Maps SDK, “Entry points” example added to Maps SDK Examples app.


        Release date:  20 March 2018

        MAP -

        • [FIX] Removing one or multiple shapes - removeOverlay(), removeOverlayByTag() fixed

        SEARCH -

        • [FEATURE] Search along the route service integrated with an example in Maps SDK Examples app
        • [FEATURE] Geometry search service integrated with an example in Maps SDK Examples app


        Release date:  5 March 2018

        MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Clickable shapes added, "Shapes" example updated
        • [FIX] 'removeMarkerByID' working again


        Release date:  19 February 2018

         MAP -

        • [FEATURE] Support for language parameter with an example in Maps SDK Examples app
        • [FEATURE] Support for geopolitical view added with an example in Maps SDK Examples app
        • [IMPROVEMENT] Traffic flow style changed (absolute -> relative)


        • [FIX] Hardware GPS provider used when Google Play Services are not available


        Release date:  29 January 2018

        Maps SDK for Android is now available!

        Create lightweight Android applications with Maps SDK and tae advantages of TomTom Online Services!

        Maps SDK for Android gives you:

        • Libraries available via
          • Map - for Online Map display features:
          • Search - for Online Search features:
          • Routing - for Online Routing features:
        • Documentation - for product and features information
        • API reference - for development details
        • Maps SDK Examples app - source code for inspiration

        Mix and match different libraries - Use code samples from Documentation - Get technical info from API reference - Try out Maps SDK Examples to see what Maps SDK for can do - Use source code of Maps SDK Examples app for inspiration

        Code with Us! Code with TomTom Maps SDK!