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Opening hours

Opening hours

Represents information that states when a POI will be open during the next 7 days, starting with the current day in the local time of the POI. It returns a list of strings that represent the opening and closing hours in a given Response format.

Sample use case 1: You are searching for a specific store to visit but you don`t know if it is currently open. Through your app you query the opening shop times and the store working hours are displayed on the screen.

Sample use case 2: A company is collating a report about the closing hours in a given city area for grocery shops. Using the SDK services, all grocery shops in a given radius can be queried for closing hours, allowing statistical analysis and other studies.

The opening hours data are available in the Search API.

Have a look at the detailed documentation for more information related to the Points of Interest Search and Fuzzy Search

That parameter will be used for services where POIs are exposed, including:

  • Category Search

  • Along Route Search

  • Geometry Search

  • Fuzzy Search

Include "withOpeningHours" in the query builder as shown in the following code snippet:


TimeDescriptor timeDescriptor = new TimeDescriptor(OpeningHoursMode.NEXT_SEVEN_DAYS);

FuzzySearchEngineDescriptor fuzzySearchEngineDescriptor = new FuzzySearchEngineDescriptor.Builder()

FuzzyLocationDescriptor fuzzyLocationDescriptor = new FuzzyLocationDescriptor.Builder()
        .positionBias(new LatLngBias(Locations.AMSTERDAM_LOCATION))

FuzzySearchSpecification openingHoursSpecification = new FuzzySearchSpecification.Builder("Petrol station")
        .build();, fuzzyOutcomeCallback);
val timeDescriptor = TimeDescriptor(OpeningHoursMode.NEXT_SEVEN_DAYS)

val searchEngineDescriptor = FuzzySearchEngineDescriptor.Builder()

val locationDescriptorBuilder = FuzzyLocationDescriptor.Builder()

val openingHoursQuery = FuzzySearchSpecification.Builder("Petrol station")




Opening hours activated