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HTTP response codes


Service version: 1
Last edit: 2019.10.01


The HTTP response codes in the following table describe data returned as a response from an API server after a RESTful request has been made. It includes success and failure codes and their descriptions.

Code Meaning and possible causes
200 OK
201 Created
204 No Content: The secret has been replaced with a new secret.
206 Partial Content
400 Malformed request: Malformed syntax. Possible causes include: The requested syntax is not available.
400 Bad request: Parameters out of range. Possible causes include:
  • The provided latitude is not in the -90,90 value range.
  • The provided longitude is not in the -180,180 value range.
  • The provided altitude is not in the -500,15000 value range.
401 Unauthorized:
  • The supplied Admin Key is not valid for this request.
  • No Admin Key is supplied.
401 Unauthorized: Configuration not found.
  • The configuration does not exist in the database.
  • The user has not registered an Admin Key.
403 Forbidden: The supplied API Key is not valid for this request.
403 Forbidden: User can only register once.
404 Not Found: Object with the specified id does not exist.
500 Internal Server Error: There is a problem with the TomTom Location History API service.

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