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TomTom Traffic Incidents - Intermediate Service - Upcoming feature - Area messages


This document describes the upcoming feature "Area messages" and its implementation in TomTom Traffic Incidents – Intermediate Service – DATEX II and TomTom Traffic Incidents - Intermediate Service - Protobuf.

What is the area messages feature about?

This feature reports messages for areas. The information provided may be relevant for traffic. For example, these messages may indicate certain restrictions in the road network in the affected area.

How are they implemented in DATEX II and Protobuf?

Area messages use OpenLR to describe the affected area. TMC is not supported.

Data format Example
<situation [...]>
  <situationRecord xsi:type="Activities" [...]>
      <locationContainedInGroup xsi:type="Area">
            <binary version="3">


trafficIncidents {
  location {
    type: AREA
    openlr: "\023\251O\306\032h\346\000\000\000\000\0373\b&\030\b\3560↵
  event {
    alertCEventCode {
      mainEvent: 1501
      additionalEvents: 1458