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Product version: 1.0 (Public Preview)
Last edit: 2019.02.08

The TomTom Geofencing API is currently available in Public Preview. To find out what our Public Preview is and to revisit our Terms & Conditions, see Public Preview – What is it?

What is TomTom's Geofencing service?

TomTom's Geofencing service is intended to define virtual barriers on real geographical locations. Together with the location of an object, you can determine whether that object is located within, outside, or close to a predefined geographical area.

Any object that has connectivity can be geofenced. It can be a:

  • Person
  • Vehicle
  • Package
  • Telephone

Libraries of fences and objects

For Geofencing to work, you need to create your own library of fences.

  • Fences can be arranged into projects for easier administration.
  • Fences can have multiple user-defined attributes.
  • Fences can be of any shape or size.

You can also create a library of your objects and optionally define their attributes.

Location report

A location report for a given radius contains a list of fences that:

  • The object is in.
  • The object is outside of.

Regardless of the selected radius, a user will always receive the nearest outside fence, if available.


The following features are included in the Geofencing API.

  1. A Geofencing service available via and an Online API.
  2. Geofencing configuration that is securely stored by TomTom in the cloud.
  3. Circles, polygons, corridors, and two-point rectangle fences with labels.
  4. Objects reported inside or outside of a fence.
  5. The distance from an object to the nearest border of a fence.

Current limits include:

  • 1k objects.
  • 10k projects.
  • 1k fences in each project.
  • 1k vertices per polygon fence.

To change any of these limits, please contact your TomTom licencing assistant.

Geofencing services

Objects service
The Objects service provides a client-side reporting device acting as a representation of the item to be geofenced.
Projects service
The Projects service provides a collection of fences identified by a unique ID.
Report service
The Report service provides a JSON document that contains information for a specified object or point:
Fences service
The Fences service enables you to create fences (areas) with geometries of a certain type, such as "CIRCLE". The Fences service also contains a chapter "Custom fence shapes", describing what fence shapes (apart from GeoJSON polygon/multipolygon) can be used in the Geofencing API.

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