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Used to retrieve current API version. 

GET /api/version





Parameter Description Req'd? Type / Values
baseURL Fixed address, Bandit acts like an access point with this addres. TomTom Bandit's WiFi has to be turned on. Yes


Returns JSON object containing current version of the API used, it's revision and supported versions. Allowed attributes are:

Parameter Description Type
version Camera's web server API version number. Version is changed when there are breaking changes in the API (changes that would cause client not to work properly). string
revision Camera's web server API revision number. Revision change does not include breaking change in the API so clients should be able to use older/newer revisions (for one given version) without any problems. string
supported_versions Array of camera web server API versions which are supported by the camera. array of strings

NOTE: All changes between revisions for one given version are non-breakable meaning that all of them should be supported by the camera.

Response codes:

Code Description
200 OK
500 Server Error (request can't be processed)

Example request:

GET http://<span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"></span></span></span></span></span>/api/version

and example response:

   "version": "2",
   "revision": "0",