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Used to retrieve camera status.

GET /api/<versionNumber>/status





Parameter Description Req'd? Type / Values
baseURL Fixed address, Bandit acts like an access point with this addres. TomTom Bandit's WiFi has to be turned on. Yes
versionNumber Service version number. The current value is 2. Yes 2


Retrieves current camera status. This is a convenience API method to retrieve multiple statuses at once. The URI is read-only and only supports GET. Changing some of the statuses, such as "recording_active" or "preview_active" will need to be done through their own record and preview URIs.

Response codes:

Code Description
200 OK
500 Server Error (request can't be processed)


Returns JSON object containing current status of the camera.

Parameter Description Type
recording_active Reflects camera recording status (true - recording, false - not recording). boolean
recording_secs Recording time in seconds. integer
battery_level_pct Percentage of battery remaining charge, ranging from 0-100. integer
battery_charging Reflects battery charging status (true - charging, false - not charging). boolean
gnss_fix GNSS fix status (true - fix obtained, false - no fix). boolean
gnss_strength_pct Percentage of GNSS signal strength, ranging from 0-100. integer
heart_rate_sensor_connected True if heart rate sensor is connected, false otherwise. boolean
cadence_sensor_connected True if cadence sensor is connected, false otherwise. boolean
preview_active Flags camera previewing status (true - preview active, false - preview not active). boolean
viewfinder_active Reflects viewfinder status (true - viewfinder active, false - viewfinder not active). boolean
viewfinder_streaming_port Port used to stream viewfinder. integer
backchannel_port Port used to send asynchronous notifications from camera to the client. integer
memory_free_bytes Remaining free space on SD card in bytes. integer
remaining_time_secs Remaining video recording time (in seconds), based on the currently selected (or last remembered) video mode and it's parameters. integer
remaining_photos Remaining number of photos based on currently selected (or last remembered) image mode and it's parameters. integer
transcoding_active True if transcoding is in progress, false otherwise. boolean
transcoding_progress Current progress of transcoding in percentage. Zero if transcoding is not active. integer

Example request:

GET http://<span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"></span></span></span></span></span>/api/2/status

and response: