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Used for downloading log file(s) from the camera. Logs shall be delivered in binary format (compressed tar archive) and, after unpacking, shall be machine-parseable files (in journald format). Analysis and filtering can be done by using dedicated journalctl command-line utility (more about this utility can be found here).

Chances are that there will be couple of log files on the SD card. When this request from the client is received, camera will compress those files into one file named <camera_serial_number>_log.tar.gz and send it to the client.

GET /api/<versionNumber>/log





Parameter Description Req'd? Type / Values
baseURL Fixed address, Bandit acts like an access point with this addres. TomTom Bandit's WiFi has to be turned on. Yes
versionNumber Service version number. The current value is 2. Yes 2

Content-type field in HTTP response header will be set to application/x-gzip (gzip'ed tar file).

NOTE: Camera GM release was setting this field to application/x-tar and delivered tar file instead of compressed tar file.


Returns binary file named <camera_serial_number>_log.tar.gz which contains debug log output from the camera (archived by tar and then gzip'ed).

Response codes:

Code Description
200 OK
404 Not Found (log file not found)
500 Server Error (request can't be processed)

Example request:

GET http://<span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"><span class="nolink"></span></span></span></span></span>/api/2/log
Content-type: application/x-gzip