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What is Camera Media Server?

Camera Media Server is a RESTful API designed for developers to access and use all of TomTom Bandit's media server capabilities. It features remote control of the camera, low-latency viewfinder, content previewing, tagging and downloading, editing, extraction of sensor data recorded with videos and photos and many more. The Camera Media Server API now comes with an SDK that includes detailed API documentation, sample code and example apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Getting Started

  1. Get yourself a TomTom Bandit camera.
  2. Play around with TomTom Bandit camera and companion mobile application, it will give you a good feel of what's possible and some cool ideas how you can use the API.
  3. Consider using the Camera SDK.
  4. Read the API documentation and start coding.
  5. Get familiar with this article and API guidelines and it's specifics.

Common use-cases you can implement:

  • Query for all supported recording video and photo modes
  • Change camera's recording mode to your liking
  • Receive a low-latency viewfinder stream coming from the camera for instant preview
  • Start/stop recording
  • Tag interesting parts of your recording session
  • Get list of all videos and photos that can be found on the camera's SD card
  • Query videos for tags
  • Edit, create or delete tags
  • Edit videos that are already being recorded
  • Change original videos resolution/framerate right on the camera
  • Download selected highlights to your client machine for further processing
  • And many more..


In order to use the API, TomTom Bandit's WiFi has to be turned on. Once that's done, Bandit acts like an access point with fixed address of 


When you offer a connection to TomTom Bandit Action Camera from your application, you should make use of a recognisable TomTom Bandit Action Camera logo. You can download it here

Questions or Feedback?

If you have any questions or feedback related to the API or SDK, please contact us using this Form. We will also monitor Stack Overflow for topics related to the TomTom Bandit Camera Media Server API and the TomTom Bandit Camera SDK (tag 'banditcamera').


Bandit will accept all authorised clients who, as a part of authentication, enter security PIN which can be found on camera's screen once WiFi is turned on. Once connection is established, client is able to use the API as it's described in the Documentation.