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What are NDS maps and how do I use them on TomTom Bridge?

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What are NDS maps and how do I upgrade my TomTom Bridge to use the new NDS Maps?

What is NDS?
NDS stands for “Navigation Data Standard” and is the new automotive-grade mapping standard TomTom and TomTom BRIDGE products will be using moving forward. The NDS standard will allow us to bring the latest technologies with regards to maps and navigation to the BRIDGE products.
How do I update my device to the new NDS map format?
In order to update, please install the latest map and software via our Updater as provided on our developer portal. Please beware the new map standard also comes with a new state-of-the art map visualization embedded in our software. Both the latest software and map need to be updated simultaneously.
How do I configure which countries/regions I want to install?
Configuring map regions can be managed in the package list. An explanation is available on our developer portal. By installing fewer map regions, the disk space taken by the map can be reduced significantly. In addition, TTS voices can also be removed dependent on language requirements.
Who can configure which map regions can be installed?
Only integrators can configure which map regions to install via the package list. There is no end-user setting available for this.
I’m currently using the Map Library SDK for my application, do I need to change anything?
Yes, when you’re using our Map Library SDK, please beware you need to rebuild your application against the latest available MapLib SDK (version 13 or later) before updating to NDS. This is due to the fact that we have a new map visualization engine.
What are incremental map updates?
 When switching to NDS, weekly incremental map updates will become available to the end-user for specific attributes (like speed limits and direction of traffic flow). Those become available through the Navigation application.
How do I set my network policy for incremental map updates?
There’s an API available as part of the NavApp SDK to set those to 1) none, 2) Wi-Fi network only (default setting), or 3) all networks including cellular.
What is the approximate size of incremental map updates?
The size of the incremental map update is very much dependent on the region installed and whether the updates are installed every week. As a reference, incremental map updates for the whole European map could be around 10MB a week. Be aware that the first update will be larger since all updates will be installed at once.
How long do I receive incremental map updates?
Incremental map updates are only provided for a limited number of cycles to prevent data fragmentation. Afterwards, a new base map needs to be installed before incremental map updates can be received again.
Do I still need to perform map updates when enabling incremental map updates?
Yes, incremental map updates only contain a limited set of attributes. The quarterly map updates contain all attributes including updated geometry.
Can I upgrade directly to NDS from an any given software release?
As of our 16.4 release, you can update directly to NDS. In case you use an older version than 16.4 software, first update to a version between 16.4 – 17.3 and then update to NDS.
Is there still a difference between non-truck and truck maps?
When switching to NDS maps, there’s no difference anymore between truck and non-truck maps. When available in the region, all maps have integrated truck data. If you would like to lock-down the vehicle profile for the end-user, you can use the NavApp SDK to restrict the vehicle profile.
Can I downgrade my device from NDS maps back to TTC maps?
Yes, it is possible to downgrade your device back to the 17.3 or 17.2 release. You cannot downgrade to older releases than those. Please beware you need to downgrade both the map and the software.
What is the available RAM memory for third party applications using the new NDS configuration?
With this new software, there's approximately 200 MB RAM memory available for third party applications.