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I get a 'not enough disk space' error message when I try to update my device

Detailed question: 

How to deal with the ‘not enough disk space’ problem with a device that is running a 15.5 software version

A problem in our 15.5 software release can cause a device that is being updated to a newer version to fail the update with an error message stating that there is not enough disk space to install the update. The way to fix the problem is to first install the update without the map, and delete the existing map in the process. The update can then be run again, but this time with the map included. Follow these steps to accomplish this:


  • Download the image you want to install from the release page on our Developer Portal

  • Unpack the downloaded zipfile to an SD card

  • Locate the file ‘update-locations’ on the SD card: /boot/2/bridge/update-locations

  • Remove the file from the folder, BUT KEEP IT SAFE ON YOUR COMPUTER FOR LATER

  • Put the following file in its place

    • The file has no extension: update-locations

    • The file has the following content

    "schema": "2",
    "files": [
        { "file": "package-list.system" }
  • Insert the SD card in TomTom Bridge and press ‘Software update’

  • The device will now update to the build version on the SD card and because the update-locations file does not refer to the map package list anymore the map is removed.

  • After the update, the device will give a ‘no maps found’-error, but will have been updated to the software version that was put on the SD card.

  • Remove the SD card from the TomTom Bridge and put it back in your computer

  • Go back to /boot/2/bridge/ on the SD card and replace the custom update-locations file with the original one from the release zip

  • Put the SD card back in the Bridge and run the updater again

  • This time, the process will take longer due to the large amount of map data that is installed, but afterwards, the device should boot into a state with both the latest map and software running on the device