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How do I install an apk from Google Play Store (or any other source) on TomTom Bridge?

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How do I install an apk from Google Play Store (or any other source) on TomTom Bridge?

Since TomTom Bridge does not support Google services, you can’t directly install applications from the store. Assuming the application you are trying to download and install is not itself relying on Google Services, the application should run normally on Bridge. You just need to use an alternative route to install it.

First, you need to change the security settings of the Bridge to allow it to accept applications from an unknown source. Go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources. Make sure the checkbox next to this is selected.

Now, if you insert a micro SD card into the slot, TomTom Bridge will prompt you to install any application (file with extension ‘apk’) that it finds on the card, one at the time.

If you can only access the apk by downloading and installing from Google Play, you need to do that on a device (tablet or phone) that does support Google services, extract the apk from that device, and copy it to a micro SD card. In order to do that, you need to install a so-called ‘apk extractor’ on your phone, of which many can be found on Google Play as well. is one example.

After installing the application you want to run on TomTom Bridge on your phone, open the file extractor and look for the appropriate app. Selecting it will cause the apk you need to be created. Follow the instructions in the application to retrieve the file and copy it to the SD card. After inserting the card into Bridge, you will be prompted to install the application.