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NDS Sneak Preview

The TomTom Bridge team has been working to bring the new Navigation Data Standard mapping standard (NDS) to the Bridge product. The NDS standard will allow TomTom to bring the latest technologies with regards to maps and navigation to the BRIDGE. For the initial release NDS will bring the following features:

  • Map installations based on map area are now possible (currently map areas are based on country or states in North-America). This will allow only those areas needed by the driver to be installed. This is configured by the integrator.
  • If a map area is installed, users can install incremental map updates periodically. This can be also restricted by the integrator.
  • The new TomTom map visualisation engine is used. This includes a whole new driver experience, including new camera behavior and moving lane guidance.
In order to use the NDS map a different build needs to be installed.

The NDS mapping standard will be released in the 17.4 Baggio release, at which point in time new map updates will only be released in the new mapping standard (NDS). To help customers get used to this an NDS sneak preview is being released. To use it, follow these instructions:

  • Download the Europe region and build. You can download the Europe region content here
  • Extract to micro SD card using 7-Zip (do not use windows explorer (use a fast 32GB SD card).
  • Remove unneeded regions from the package-list.europe file (see an example below).
    • When removing regions, remove the whole line, do not remove the "parent" or "group" attributes or you will have installation problems.
  • Insert the micro SD card into the Bridge and select SW update. The update should take 15 minutes or less depending on the micro SD card speed and region.

At this point you are ready to start developing on the Bridge as usual.

package-list.content.europe example

To illustrate this, below is an example which contains only Belgium, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The europe-map and europe-region-900-international-waters packages are mandatory and should never be removed.

  "schema": "1",
    "release": {
        "title": "Europe 17.3",
        "version": "15809",
        "notes": ""

  "packages": [
	{ "name": "europe-map", "path": "map/europe-map_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-105-belgium", "path": "map/europe-region-105-belgium_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-114-france", "path": "map/europe-region-114-france_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-127-luxembourg", "path": "map/europe-region-127-luxembourg_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-143-the-netherlands", "path": "map/europe-region-143-the-netherlands_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-147-united-kingdom", "path": "map/europe-region-147-united-kingdom_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-900-international-waters", "path": "map/europe-region-900-international-waters_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-105-belgium-3d", "path": "map/europe-region-105-belgium-3d_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-114-france-3d", "path": "map/europe-region-114-france-3d_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-127-luxembourg-3d", "path": "map/europe-region-127-luxembourg-3d_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent":
	{ "name": "europe-region-143-the-netherlands-3d", "path": "map/europe-region-143-the-netherlands-3d_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" },
	{ "name": "europe-region-147-united-kingdom-3d", "path": "map/europe-region-147-united-kingdom-3d_11555.2016.12_all.ttpkg", "version": "11555.2016.12", "group": "map-europe", "parent": "europe-map" }