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Start-up experience

Custom boot animation

Your TomTom BRIDGE device will display a TomTom logo and play the TomTom drums immediately after pushing the power button to start up the device, these actions are non-customizable. After a few seconds and during start up of the Android OS, it is possible to display your own android boot animation.

To create your own bootanimation you can follow the information from this tutorial on android boot animations.

The format of the boot animation should be ZIP and the file should be called

The file should be placed in the following directory: /sdcard/bootanim/

Please note, the creation requires some special attention:

  • The ZIP should not be compressed! Files should be using the STORE method, which means they get added to the ZIP verbatim. Android does not want to be bothered with decompression at boot time.
  • If you use PNG's, make sure they are not interlaced and have no transparency. You can also use JPEG's but usually animation requires the more crisp loss-less compression of PNG over the lossy photo data compression of JPEG to prevent artifacts.
  • The animation will always be centered in both dimensions. Therefore, you can keep the images small and achieve a higher frame rate without delaying the actual booting too much. For this reason and to be compatible with both landscape and portrait devices, the suggestion is to make them square.
  • To ensure this is rolled out to all devices correctly using the software update be sure to store the boot animation in a directory call bootanim and then zip the whole directory.