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Hub Installation

External Antenna

Hub devices can be connected to an external antenna if required. In order for the external antenna to be used a change in Settings is required.

The “Use external antenna” setting that can be found in two different locations depending on what is required:

Settings - Wireless & networks - More - Mobile Networks to enable the external antenna for modem in applicable devices


Settings - Personal - Location to use an external antenna for GNSS. 

Settings can be stored/rolled out using Android settings back up and restore.

The setting applies to both the Owner and the restricted user and can be changed in either profile. The owner can prevent the setting from being changed by the restricted user in Settings - Users - App & Content Access. It is also possible, as an integrator, to preset the value. This way the owner and the restricted user can still view the setting but cannot change it. This is achieved by installing the packages enable-external-gnss-antenna.ttpkg and/or enable-external-modem-antenna.ttpkg from the extra-packages zip in the Downloads page.

Screen Rotation (HDMI)

Attached screens can be mounted in various ways in a vehicle. Since detection of HDMI screen orientation is not supported we have provided a rotation setting is available in Settings -> Display -> HDMI Rotation.

The available options are "No rotation", "Rotate 90°, "Rotate 180°", "Rotate 270°".

This setting can be stored and rolled out to devices using Android backup and restore.