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Have you ever wondered if your taxi driver was taking the fastest route? Well, we sure have, and we put it to the test. This blog goes over how to track the fastest route you should take to get to your final destination using TomTom Maps APIS, Kaggle and Folium.
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Maps with traffic APIs are the building blocks for developers to create a better user experience with real-time traffic data. Learn how to add traffic predictions to your app using TomTom APIs. 
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TomTom’s APIs provide developers with simple access to powerful mapping and geolocation solutions. This article shows how to use the TomTom Android SDK to build an application for truck drivers. Specifically, we’ll use the SDK to determine the best route to the destination, and we’ll tell the driver when they need to leave to get there on time.
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Add personalized route calculations for your app using TomTom Maps APIs. This tutorial goes over how to create the fastest, shortest and most economical routes for users.
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