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Leandro Margulis
Apr 8, 2019 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20223 min read
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Location Matters


You know it. I know it.

Everyone knows it.

From the apps that help us get dinner to the ones that get us to our dinner date, there are hardly any mobile apps today that do not use location.

But adding a location layer to any app doesn’t come without its challenges. Developers often share similar struggles and are looking for answers. So, when it comes to TomTom Maps APIs and SDKs, we saw the need for a place where this knowledge could live, be shared and expanded.

The TomTom developer blog is one in a series of steps meant to bring value to our community of developers.

Introducing the TomTom Developer Blog

The TomTom developer blog is a new resource for anyone using TomTom’s Maps APIs to develop location-aware applications. Week by week, our main purpose is to inform and inspire you to make the best use of what our technology has to offer.

The types of articles you can expect fall under one of four categories:

  • Build different:
    • How-to articles and tutorials: while the use cases will get you inspired, the tutorials will show you how to put these ideas in practice. Take a look at some of our already published articles to get a taste of what is coming. For example, learn how to implement Fuzzy Search, Point of Interest Search and Category Search in your project or look at how to create the fastest, shortest and most economical routes for users.
    • Practical tips and tricks: our mission is to serve developers, so we will be sharing our best tips and tricks when it comes to location tech in general and Maps APIs in particular.
  • Decoded: from learning how to use Maps APIs to plan the fastest route for an ambulance service or how to show the nearest EV charging station on a map, the possibilities that location intelligence open up are endless. Ride-hailing. Electric cars. Fleet and logistics. Financial services. Our aim is to show you what these use cases are, so you can make the best of the options available to you.
  • Spotlight: go behind the scenes to look at the people using our products and the projects they are building. Check out our product updates and upcoming events.
  • Perspective: find out our take on big events taking place in the tech business. Want to know what we think of the latest news that’s shaking up the industry? Come to our blog and find out.

Trying to find an answer to a specific question? Let us know and we can tackle it in a future post!

The Community for You

Being part of a strong community, no matter who you are, is important. “They make us more effective in reaching goals and overcoming challenges large and small”, Charles Vogl says in The Art of Community. Ultimately, they bring people together who not only share similar interests and values, but who care about each other’s success and help each other in the process.

Our team is here to make sure you have all the information and support you need to build the next generation of location experiences, but knowledge does not only come from us. Wisdom often surfaces when the developers who use our APIs and explore the limits of what our data can do. You can learn from us but, more importantly, you can learn from each other.

To build different. #BuildDifferent

The blog is one piece in a platform that will enable you to do so more than ever before.

Communities are made to serve their members. Create a space for them come together, share in their values and support each other achieve success. I hope that our new community, developers, serves you well.

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