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TomTom brings Foursquare Points of Interest to your application

With the introduction of two new Search APIs, users can discover detailed information about locations around the world

Your app is only as good as the database and technology it’s founded on. If your app requires location content (i.e. a map with millions of places), it should also include embedded fresh, extensive, consistent and easy-to-use Points of Interest (POI) data.

Better than ever

Developers turn to TomTom as a trusted source for location content. Our depth and breadth of map coverage demands we use the very best POI data.  We work with many global and local companies to continually grow our POI coverage, breadth, depth and data quality. Today we’re proud to share that TomTom has integrated millions of POIs from Foursquare – a global POI data partner of TomTom.

Meet Foursquare 

Foursquare’s first-party data comes from over 14 billion user-verified check-ins, the foundation of its powerful community and technology through its owned and operated apps (Swarm, Foursquare City Guide, and Panel App). Foursquare also carefully vets the quality of data sourced from third-party partners against its first-party dataset of 1 billion user-confirmed visits. They’re a trusted partner when it comes to POIs.

Millions at a time

Today using TomTom map data, you can access nearly 100 million POIs, across 595 categories and sub-categories globally using our Search API. What’s more, Enterprise customers can access our POIs in a dataset format, enabling an even broader set of use cases and applications. From your favorite cheese shop to theaters, hotels and restaurants, we’ve got you covered. With our recent addition of Foursquare POIs, your app has access to even more cool places to discover worldwide.

Why this matters to you

More POIs: Partnering with Foursquare improves our map coverage, meaning you now have access to more POIs. Millions of Foursquare-powered POIs have already been added to our rich mapping fabric, and more are being added as we speak. So, if you search for it, we’ll find it!

More details: POI quality matters. That’s why you should hold us to the highest standards. The addition of Foursquare data further enriches the TomTom dataset, giving you access to community input data such as: reviews, ratings, price ranges and photos. Partnering with Foursquare allows us to ensure that you get POIs that are fresh, consistent, easy to use, include details that matter most and are trusted by the Foursquare community.

Let’s build together

Truly great apps leverage the best databases. Apps that demand a location component derive greater value when leveraging a rich POI portfolio. When you build your app using our Search API, Points of Interest Details API and Points of Interest Photos API, you open your customers’ world to a vast assortment of POIs that help them explore new restaurants, experience the arts through museums, and enjoy life at that lovely hotel they’ve dreamt of staying at during holiday. 

Don’t just search for it – Find it

TomTom is a trusted source for location content. We are proud to welcome Foursquare as a trusted POI provider, enabling you to add millions of POIs to your app. 

To start building check out the Search API, Points of Interest Details API and Points of Interest Photos API, documentation and start building right away! Interested in getting POIs as a dataset? Learn more about our Enterprise offering and send us a message - we’ll get you set up!

Lastly, learn how to add POI details and photos to your maps in this quick hints and tips video tutorial. Happy mapping!

First published: 
Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 18:38
Last edited: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 19:47