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How to restart Carluex?

Unplug the USB cable from your car's infotainment system and plug it in again.

How to change the text-to-speech language?

You can change the Carluex voice assistant to your preferred language:

  • Click the Settings icon (⚙️) from the Carluex home screen.
  • Go to System > Language & Input.
  • Select Text-to-speech output.
  • Click Language and select your preferred language.
  • Then, behind Preferred engine, tap the settings icon on the right.
  • At the top of the screen, select Install voice data.
  • Select your preferred language from the presented list.
  • Select the preferred voice assistant from the presented list.

You have now changed text-to-speech to your preferred language.

My microphone is not working.

You might need to configure your microphone for the target application:

  • Click the Settings icon (⚙️) from the Carluex home screen.
  • Select Carluex Settings.
  • Select Voice Assistant.
  • Select your preferred application.
  • Restart the device for the new configuration to take effect.
How to make the keyboard larger?

When the keyboard is a tiny floating keyboard, you can dock it in order to become larger:

  • Drag the handle (the grey line) at the bottom of the keyboard down to the bottom of the display.
  • The keyboard will now dock and become full-width.

Automotive UI

The UI is too small/big.
Automotive UI no longer responds.
How can I launch Automotive UI?
How to install Automotive UI?

You can install Automotive UI through the Google Play store.

How can I update Automotive UI?

You can update Automotive UI from the Google Play store.

How to use my car's GPS in Automotive UI?

This might not work in all cars.

Carluex has a built-in GPS, but your car's GPS is probably more accurate. To use your car's GPS in Automotive UI, please follow these instructions:

  • Return to the Carluex homescreen.
  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Open the More settings menu.
  • Select CARLUEX Settings.
  • Tick the box for Use the OEM GPS data.
  • Restart the Carluex device for changes to take effect.

If you do not have a GPS signal after restarting Automotive UI, please switch back to Carluex' GPS signal by unchecking the Use the OEM GPS data box again.

How to add a new map region?

This only works on NavKit1 builds.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select Map & Display > Manage Map from the menu.
  • Here you see a list of installed maps.
  • Select the map that you want to update or add.
  • After the map is downloaded, restart Automotive UI for changes to take effect.