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TomTom Audio Traffic is a webservice. The user gains access to Audio Traffic using HTTP GET requests and it is parameterized using URL parameters. Depending on the parameters the caller gets traffic events around a given location (use case [AroundMe]) or traffic events on potential routes to a given destination (use case [Destination]).

Please notice the available market coverage. Requests for coordinates inside unsupported countries will result in an error or empty content.

The service provides endpoints for two different output formats. The first traffic report output format is audio (formal Audio), and the second is text.

The general URL scheme is as follows:[format]?parameters

Format: text or audio

Regardless of the format used, there are additional URL parameters required. The following table shows some common parameters, and whether they are mandatory or optional.

Common Parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory/optional Description
key string mandatory Your individual API from the TomTom Developer portal needed in order to authenticate the service.
latitude float mandatory WGS84 coordinate latitude value for the user's current position. For example: 40.8560
longitude float mandatory WGS84 coordinate longitude value for the user's current position. For example: -73.9815
dlatitude float optional

[Destination] WGS84 coordinate latitude value for the user's travel destination.

If given service delivers traffic for routes.

dlongitude float optional

[Destination] WGS84 coordinate latitude value for the user's travel destination.

If dlongitude and dlatitude are provided the service delivers traffic for routes.

destination string optional

An optional name for the [Destination]. The service will include the destination name in the introduction part of the bulletin, like "This is your [...] report towards Rome." If this parameter is omitted a [Destination] report will contain the general statement "This is your [...] report towards your destination."
The values for this parameter is a string of maximum length 512 characters. Special characters have to be URL encoded, e.g. "64-50 N Harvard St" to "64-50%20N%20Harvard%20St".

range integer optional [AroundMe] Range in meters to search for traffic events around user location.
Maximum is 10,000, the default is 5,000
maxNews integer optional Maximum number of traffic events to be delivered. Information is further limited to the number of available traffic events [AroundMe] or on routes to the [Destination]. Values: 0 to 2 billion. The default is 5.
minDelay integer optional

Traffic events with a delay below this value in minutes are ignored while creating the bulletin. Values: 0 to 2 billion. The default: 2.

includeDetails boolean optional

Deliver more details on traffic events if available.
The values are "true" or "false". The default: "false".

langCode string optional

ISO 639-1 language code defining the language of the traffic report. Examples are: "EN", "DE", "IT", "FR", "NL". Default: "EN". See market coverage for supported languages.

Parameters for text

Parameter Type Mandatory/Optional Description
textReportFormat string optional The format of the text report.
Values "PLAIN_TEXT" : plain text, "SSML" : Speech Synthesis Markup Language. The default: "PLAIN_TEXT"

Example URL

Parameters for audio

Parameter Type Mandatory/Optional Description
audioMIMEType string optional

The format of the delivered audio file.
Values "MP3", "OGG". The default: "MP3".

speechRate string optional

The speed of the spoken report.
Possible values, ordered from slow to fast, are: "VERY_SLOW", "SLOW", "DEFAULT", "FAST", "VERY_FAST". The default: "DEFAULT".

Example URL

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